Best Composite Decking For Full Sun

Best Composite Decking For Full Sun

I am currently busy doing maintenance on my house, and one of the next projects that need to be completed is a composite deck. I noticed that the location where I want to have the deck installed gets a lot of sun exposure, making me wonder, “What is the best composite decking for the full sun?”

Decking materials can degrade in full sun, but some options get less damaged from the sun than others. The composite deck options best for full sun areas are Peruvian teak, Fortress, Fiberon, and Timbertech decking. There are also ways to help your deck get less sun exposure to make it last longer.

Expert deck installers have been installing decks made of different materials for a long time. Composite decking is made by mixing the best materials to get the best decking material for areas exposed to a lot of sun. I wanted to share information about the best composite decking for areas that get exposed to full sun.

Best Composite Decking For Full Sun

Best Composite Decking Options For Full Sun

The sun is a big contributing factor in causing damage to decking material. Decking material manufacturers have done a lot of research in getting the best combinations of materials to use for composite decking. Composite decking also suffers from sun exposure, but some options get affected less by sun exposure than other decking options.

We will look at four different composite decking options that experts found to be the best for full sun. The composite decking options we will mention all have a high tolerance level for sun exposure because they have elements bonded into them that block harmful rays of sunlight.

Below is a list of the best composite decking for the full sun:

  1. Peruvian teak composite decking.
  2. Fortress composite decking.
  3. Fiberon composite decking.
  4. Timbertech composite decking.

You will find each type under its own heading to give you the best information possible on the decking material. We will look at all the characteristics that make it the best composite decking option. Follow the post to find more information on these great composite decking options.

1. Peruvian Teak Composite-Best Natural Deck For Full Sun

For the best natural-looking decking material for full sun, experts suggest you look at Ultrashield Naturale Cortes options from the New tech wood natural decking line. This solid natural-looking composite decking option is the best natural-looking composite decking option for full sun  because of the following factors:

  • The Peruvian teak composite decking boards from the Ultrashield Naturale Cortes range look like teak wood but comes with Ultrashield technology to keep the natural wood appearance for longer, even when exposed to the sun for long periods.
  • The Ultrashield coating gives the natural-looking board a great resistance to scratching or staining that normal wear produces. The Ultrashield barrier also helps to prevent the sun from fading to the composite boards.
  • Both sides of the board have the Ultrashield coating and what makes these composite boards unique is that one side has a natural wood grain appearance while the other side doesn’t have a wood grain appearance.
  • Hardwoods in general can help with slips and have some better traction that other woods. We have a full article on non-slip decking here.

So if you love a deck with a natural look that does not get affected by the sun as much as the wood itself, then this will be a great option to look at when installing the best natural-looking composite deck for full sun.

2. Fortress Composite-Best Bamboo Composite Deck For Full Sun

Fortress co-extruded composite decking is made from bamboo and recycled plastics that are coated to give it scratch-resistant and fade-resistant properties. The look of this type of composite decking material is not as natural as the Peruvian teak option but still looks great and can last for a long time, even in full sun.

The bamboo and plastic composite decking planks are one-sided options with engineered caps for easy installation. The decking experts at Fortress are so confident in their composite deck option that they give a good warranty on their products even if it is installed in areas that get full sun exposure. The coating that the Fortress team uses also blocks harmful rays from the sun.

The plastic used by the manufacturer with the bamboo to make the composite decking is PVC. The product from Fortress is called Infinity I-Series and comes in 4 colors to give the decking material a more stylish appearance. The team at Fortress has something going for them to create a green product that looks stylish simultaneously.

The mixture of the bamboo and PVC and the protective coating works well enough to ensure that the plastics inside the composite decking do not overheat and become too hot when exposed to periods of full sun. The Ultraviolet blockers that the protective coating has been good enough for the company to offer a 30-year warranty on the product.

If you are looking for the best way to protect your decking from UV rays and sun damage then you can check out this article on UV protection for composite decks.

3. Fiberon-Best Recycled Composite Deck For Full Sun

The full sun decking option from Fiberon is called Armorguard. The product from Fiberon is made from environmentally friendly recycled wood and plastic polymers.

The boards are bonded on three sides with a coating that resists insects like termites, mold, mildew, and natural factors like rain and sun. It also protects against wood rot, which is a big concern when using other decking materials like wood.

When materials like plastic get exposed to long periods of sun, it normally leads to the colors of the material fading. That is why products like Armorguard have protective layers to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from causing irreversible damage to the composite decking material from manufacturers like Fiberon.

Fiberon Armorguard is a good contender as an option for the best composite decking for full sun, and the company offers a 25-year warranty on this product.

This product is the best recycled product for full sun because they use recycled wood and recycled plastics to make a composite decking material. Armorguard is available widely throughout the United States at Home Depot stores.

Timbertech Composite-Best Value Decking For Full Sun

Timbertech has a composite decking option designed specifically to be a good value for money and have a good tolerance level to the effects of the sun. This composite decking option from Timbertech is called the Edge Prime+ collection and comes in three colors: dark cocoa, sea salt grey, and coconut husk.

The wood and plastic composite with its protective layer makes this decking material resistant to spillage, staining and fading, thus meaning that it is a great option to be used in full sun while also being friendly to the pocket at the same time. This decking material is manufactured from 85 percent recycled materials, and Timbertech offers a 25-year guarantee on their product.

Timbertech prides itself on having products that look as natural as possible without having components that could be affected negatively by weather conditions like full sun. If you are looking for a composite decking option that is also good quality for your money, then the Edge Prime+ collection is worth a look.

Now that we have looked at the best composite decking for full sun based on certain classifications, we will explore the topic further by looking into how to protect the best composite decking and composite skirting in full sun.

Protecting Best Composite Decking In Full Sun

If you are staying in areas where ultraviolet rays from the sun are unforgiving to any deck surface, then it might still be a good idea to look into other ways of protecting your deck against the effects of the sun. There are a few ways to protect your deck even further and thus causing the deck to last even longer.

The ways that can be used to protect the fade-resistant coating on your composite deck areas are as follows:

  • Install an awning.
  • Choose light-colored composite decking.
  • Install a sail for extra shade.
  • Install a Pergola

We will use the next part of the post to detail the points listed above; each point will be looked at individually under its own heading to make it easier to follow. Also don’t forget your deck skirting as well.

Best Composite Decking For Full Sun

Install An Awning To Protect Composite Deck In Full Sun

Different types of awnings will help keep the sun’s rays at bay. Some awnings can open or retract to still allow the rays of the sun to reach your composite deck. When the awning is used, it will cause the deck to be in the shade, thus meaning that less sun reaches the deck.

Many people prefer to use retractable awnings to allow the sun to reach the areas of the deck they choose. An awning that can close the deck completely will also help keep it clean when trees start to shed their leaves. Retractable awnings work well as you can hide them when you choose.

Choose A Light Colour Composite Deck To Reduce Sun Exposure

Have you ever noticed that dark colors attract more heat? Whether you wear dark clothing or have a dark-colored car, you will notice that it attracts more heat. The same is true for the color of the composite decking you choose. If you choose a lighter color for your deck, you will also notice that it will attract fewer ultraviolet rays.

When installing composite decking, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to style and color. There are various colors and styles to suit every style. It is crucial to choose a color that will fit into your property and be pleasing to the eye but will also not attract too many damaging rays from the sun. Remember to get a color you won’t get tired of after a few years.

Install A Sail To Give Shade Onto The Composite Decking

Installing a shade sail over areas of your composite deck that get the most sun exposure will limit the amount of harmful ultraviolet rays that reach the deck. If a deck gets less sun exposure, the deck will last longer because less sun damage will occur.

You have to remember that you will need to rotate the location of your shade sail; otherwise, certain areas on the deck will start to fade while others will not. It will look funny if certain areas have fade marks, but others don’t.

Patio umbrellas should also be moved occasionally as the shade they give can also cause one location not to look as sun-faded as other areas. Tarps or shade netting can be used as a shade sail even though shade netting is the better option because air can still pass through the small holes in the shade netting.

Install A Pergola To Protect Deck In Full Sun

A Pergola is a wooden structure that will give a lot of shade to your composite decking. Most Pergolas are not covered with a roof, but you can cover the Pergola with shade netting on the top to reduce the amount of sun the deck will get. Shade netting still allows some of the heat from the sun to come through, but it is not that intense.

Some people install a Pergola to have a place to hang their potted plants and finish off the look of the deck area. You need to decide for yourself whether or not you want all the sun to reach your deck or not. It is not an exhaustive list of reducing sun exposure, and people are innovative regarding individual ideas.

Of course, there may be days in which you would want to soak up as much sun on your deck as possible, and that is why you need to find options that will work for your personal needs.

We have loads of other deck advice on the site and have listed some below. If the information you need is not listed try a search as new content is added by the day!


Decking material manufacturers develop innovative ways of reducing the harmful effects of certain weather conditions like high sun exposure. Research revealed that the best composite decking for full could be divided into different classifications.

The classifications are the best natural composite decking for full sun, the best bamboo composite decking for full sun, the best-recycled composite decking for full sun, and the best value composite decking for full sun. The information I found helped me make the best decision for my deck, and I hope it is helpful to you as well.


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