How Tall Should A Patio side Table Be

How Tall Should A Patio side Table Be?

With an ever-increasing emphasis placed on creating beautiful outdoor spaces, patio furniture is gaining far more attention than it ever has in the past. Patios are receiving much the same amount of attention as indoor spaces. As such, the furniture and décor on patios have begun emphasizing comfort and design to a larger degree.

Patio side tables should be no higher than 2” above the top of the chair’s armrest. The same applies in the opposite direction – the surface of a patio side table should be no lower than 2” below the top of the chair’s armrest, ensuring the patio side table remains usable and aesthetically pleasing.

When looking for furniture of the right size for your home, there are certain fundamental guidelines to abide by. These guidelines are based on the furniture’s utility and aesthetic proportioning. The success of an interior or patio will be greatly impacted by furniture that is the proper size.

How Tall Should A Patio side Table Be

How Tall Should A Patio Side Table Be?

Patio side tables should follow the same rules as indoor side tables. This means that the table height should be within two inches of the armrest of the patio chair.

When furnishing your patio, most of the rules that apply to interior furnishings will also apply to outdoor spaces such as your patio. In the past, people approached patio décor with a degree of minimalism. Major concerns existed over the potential for furniture to quickly become damaged if left in an outdoor area for extended periods.

In contemporary society, with the development of materials, the evolution of interior design, and the overall development of taste, patios are being given increasing attention when it comes to furniture and décor. With an ever-increasing emphasis on outdoor living and indoor/outdoor flow, outdoor furniture has evolved to new heights.

The same rules apply to interior decorating now apply to patios. Patios are increasingly becoming furnished in the same way as indoor living rooms, emphasizing comfort and beauty.

The patio side table should not be higher or lower than the patio chair by more than two inches. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, it will be challenging to use a patio side table with its main usable surface higher than two inches above the armrest. A person seated on the seat must reach the table comfortably to put something on it or take something off it.

It will be challenging for the ordinary person to use a patio side table comfortably if it is over two inches above the armrest. This is obviously undesirable because the major function of the table is to allow you to conveniently set your items on it while seated and keep them close at hand.

The patio side table height is governed by the same standard in the opposite direction. A patio side table shouldn’t be lower than the chair’s arm by more than two inches. As you may expect, most people won’t be able to use a patio side table if its surface is too far below the chair’s arm.

A patio side table that is more than two inches above the arm of a patio sofa or chair will also appear out of proportion and highly unattractive. The same is true for a patio side table far lower than the chair’s arm. Your patio side table should never be higher than the chair’s backrest.

The overall look of your completed room will be well-balanced and proportionate if your patio side tables are at the proper height. If your patio side tables are the wrong height, the entire area will appear clumsy and unbalanced.

Aside from looking good, patio side tables of the right height will also be the most pleasant to use and perform to their fullest potential. They will enable you to set things like drinks, books, or food at a convenient height for you to reach while seated.What If The Patio Chair/Sofa Has No Armrests?

Determining the proper height for your patio side tables can be trickier if your patio chair or sofa lacks armrests. There are several approaches to this.

Simply ensure your patio side tables are within two inches of the top of the cushion. This will look good and serve a useful purpose. It will be quite challenging to use the table if the patio side table is substantially lower than the top height of the cushion.

Another option is to locate a level halfway between the chair’s overall height and the top of the cushion. The patio side table’s surface will be at a good functional level at this height. 

Alternately, sit on the sofa, armchair, or patio furniture and ask a friend to measure the distance between your elbow and the floor. The top of your patio side table can be successfully positioned at this height.

Exceptions To The Rule Of Patio side table Height

When it comes to a patio side table’s height, a few instances deviate from the norm. For instance, the height of your patio side table will need to be adjusted if your patio chair or sofa is on a higher platform.

The same rules will apply if the couch is positioned near the ground or is nothing more than a cushion at ground level. These circumstances will call for unique patio side tables that are different in size from those we are accustomed to.

How Tall Should A Patio side Table Be

Guidelines For A Patio side table’s Other Dimensions

Regarding a patio side table’s measurements other than height, it’s crucial to ensure they all complement the other pieces of furniture in the space. Typically, patio side tables range in height from 22 to 30 inches.

The whole length of a patio side table should never be more than the width of a single section of the seated part of the patio chair or couch. This will prevent the table from appearing out of proportion to the patio chair or sofa and other furniture pieces.

It is also important to remember that a patio side table should never have a depth greater than the patio chair or sofa itself. This will guarantee that the patio side table functions optimally and that its overall proportions in relation to the other furniture pieces make sense in the room.

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It’s crucial to check that your patio side tables are at the ideal height in relation to your patio chair or sofa to provide excellent utility and aesthetic balance.

It’s usually preferable to choose lower than higher, even though the standard is for the patio side table to be within a two-inch height difference from the couch arm. A patio side table that is taller than the chair’s arm will just seem out of place and weird.


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