Where Should Patio Misters Be Placed

Where Should Patio Misters Be Placed?

Relaxing on your shaded patio with family and friends in the summertime is a lovely way to spend the day in good company. However, the summer temperatures can be slightly unpleasant if everyone complains about the heat. You could keep your patio cool by installing a misting system. But where should patio misters be placed?

Patio misters should be placed along the patio’s perimeter walls. Place the misters at the height of 8 feet and space the mister heads every 2 to 3 feet along the misting line. Place the nozzles at a 45-degree angle away from the patio to create a mist curtain that surrounds the patio.

Installing patio misters on your patio will allow you to enjoy this outdoor space even when the weather is hot. And if you have plants on your patio, extra moisture supplied by misters will help to keep your plants lush and green. Read on for where to place misters on a patio.

Where Should Patio Misters Be Placed

Where Do You Put Misters On A Patio?

Using a misting system on your patio effectively keeps the area cool during hot weather. The best misting system for a patio would be misting lines installed around the patio’s perimeter. If any sides of the patio are against a building, do not place the misting lines there.

Place the misting lines around the outer perimeter. This will ensure that a curtain of mist from the lines will mist around the outer space of the patio. All the air that enters will be cooled before it circulates into the inner space of your patio.

Professionals recommend that you use a high-pressure misting system for a patio. However, a high-pressure misting system will only be effective if properly installed and they are considerably more expensive. you can read if they are worth it for you here.

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Accurate Measurements To Place A Misting System On A Patio

The following accurate measurements must be established for installing patio misters system on your patio.

  • The first measurement is to know the distance between your power and water source.
  • Measure the length of the mist line. This line (tubing) will be attached to the patio beams by a set of clamps.
  • Count the number of line connectors and nozzle heads that will be required.

How High To Place Misters On A Patio

The best place and spacing to install patio misters on your patio is at the height of 8 feet. This is the ideal height to cool the area without leaving a wet spray on the patio furniture or your family and guests. If you install the misters too high, they will create a pleasing misty effect but will not be effective in cooling the patio.

How Far Apart Do You Place Mister Heads On A Patio?

It is best to space the misting heads every 2 to 3 feet apart to surround the area with cool refreshing mist. too far apart and the cooling is impacted, and to close means it might not get chance to evaporate.

Where To Place Misting Nozzles On A Patio

Place nozzles at a 45-degree angle away from the patio to create a curtain of mist around the patio. Make sure that the nozzles on the misters do not drip.

The misting nozzles are responsible for releasing the water droplets into the air. It is essential that the nozzles are of good quality. Brass misting nozzles are durable, easy to clean, and relatively trouble-free. You could also use nozzles with smaller holes to ensure a fine fog-like mist.

Where To Place A Pressure Pump For Misters On A Patio

The misting system will require a 1000 psi high-pressure pump to increase the water pressure necessary to atomize water. This pump should be placed in the vicinity of a water source as the pump and water source will be connected. Choose a flat surface, out of direct sunlight, for the pump.

You can add a pump cover to protect the pump from the elements and eliminate noise. Alternatively, you can hide the pump behind foliage or other decorations. However, the pump should be accessible should it require any maintenance.

Where Should Patio Misters Be Placed

How Do Misters Lower Air Temperature On A Patio?

The patio misters release mist, which are tiny drops of water, into the air. These water droplets absorb the heat that is around the patio, and they evaporate. The evaporated droplets cool the surrounding air, lowering the temperature. This evaporation principle can reduce the temperature up to 30°F.

Why Choose A High-Pressure Misting System For A Patio?

Misting systems also come in low and mid-pressure systems. Although there are pros and cons to high-pressure systems, it is the most effective misting system for your patio.

The Pros Of Placing High-Pressure Misting Systems On Patios

Below are some excellent reasons why a high-pressure system will work well on a patio.

  • They use large and powerful misting pumps which boost the water pressure between 750psi and 1,500 psi.
  • These systems will cool the area more rapidly and powerfully.
  • High-pressure systems reduce the air temperature by up to 30°F.
  • High-pressure systems leave the least amount of residual moisture.
  • They reduce dust, smoke, and other pollutants.
  • These systems keep away insects like flies and mosquitoes from your patio.

The Cons To Placing A High-Pressure Misting System On Patios

Here are a few disadvantages to placing a high-pressure misting system on a patio.

  • High-pressure systems are more expensive but are more effective than other misting systems.
  • The higher the pressure, the more electricity is used.
  • Many homeowners install these systems themselves. But some owners who are not as handy with installations may require professionals to do the installing. This option will be more costly.

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A misting system should be placed around the outer perimeter of the patio at the height of 8 feet. Place the misting heads every 2 to 3 feet along the misting line. The nozzles are placed on the misting heads at an angle of 45 degrees facing away from the patio. This creates a misting spray that will cool down the temperature on the patio.

A high-pressure patio misters will prove the most effective way to cool down temperatures on your patio. This misting system must be correctly placed and installed for a successful outcome. High-pressure misting systems can reduce the temperature on the patio up to 30°F. Placing a curtain of mist around your patio will ensure you have a lovely cool space to relax and enjoy the summer weather!



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