are low pressure patio misters worth it

Are Low Pressure Patio Misters Worth the Money?

Low Pressure Patio misters are certainly a cheaper option for homeowners and while they work pretty well they come with some caveats. We will take a look at some of these misting systems in the article below to see if the more affordable versions of patio misting systems will suit your uses.

Low Pressure Patio Misters are cheaper than powered high pressure misting systems and although not suited for large areas with high humidity they are excellent additions for small outside spaces and can reduce relative air temperatures by up to 20 Degrees F. For most households they are certainly worth the money.

There are many different types, so you should take your time to research the pros and cons of each before you purchase one. These devices are great for regulating humidity in patios, greenhouses, and other outdoor spaces but the different misting systems certainly have benefits and draw backs we take a look at the low pressure misting systems below.

are low pressure patio misters worth it

Low-pressure patio misters

Low pressure systems save on cost due to the lack of moving, and more importantly mechanical and electrical parts. They are easy to install and will fit most outside water supplies. ( though adapters may be needed for some).

They are easier accessible options that you can buy from DIY, garden stores and of course Amazon ( we include affiliate links just as a heads up). They rely on the pressure naturally generated from your water supply rather than from a powered pump.

The main effect of this is the lack of high pressure means it is not possible to create the finest of mists from the system, and the water droplets will be larger and less quick / easy to evaporate. You can read more about the types of patio misting systems on the site, including low, medium and high pressure systems.

Advantages of a Low pressure misting system.

  • Although these water droplets are larger the commonly held view that is will just be like having a garden sprinkler attached above is inaccurate. They create a fine mist not a stream of water and they are certainly worth considering, although the high end low pressure systems would be our recommendation just to be sure.
  • They are certainly cheaper, up to hundreds of dollars cheaper in fact. the lack of the pump being the main factor in this and of course the associated power costs that will come with a powered patio mister.
  • The pump, although not that defending, does produce noise and can be disturbing if you are taking a nap, having a conversation or watching / listening to media outside. A low pressure patio misting system does not have these noise issues.
  • A lack of power increases safety. Although the mist is very fine it is still a fact that water and electricity are not good bedfellows and not relying on power is a safer option.
  • They are tidier around the garden and outside space, there is not a need for wires which may form a trip hazard in the space.
  • Even with the bigger droplets from the low pressure systems it is still possible to reduce the air temperature by up to 20 degrees with high quality misting system.
  • Temperature control is not the only benefit of patio misters, they can also reduce dust, odors, static electricity, and the presence of flying insects.

We have a selection of Patio Misting articles on the site to help you make a decision and we have some of these listed below. feel free to browse through them.

Are Low pressure Misting systems worth it.

Whether or not low-pressure patio misters are worth the price is a question that needs to be answered individually before purchasing one as each location, space and requirement is different.

Patio misting systems come in three basic types: high-pressure, mid-pressure, and low-pressure. The differences in pressure determine how fine the mist is. Patio misting systems typically comprise a water line, pump, and nozzles. They cool by flash evaporating water, which then evaporates into cool air.

These products function based on the principle of evaporative cooling, wherein water evaporates from warm air and work better in dry air than humid air if you live in areas with high humidity you may need to upscale to a finer mist that will be produced by a medium of higher pressure misting system.

If you’re looking for a patio misting system that won’t take up much space, go with a low-pressure system. These are a good choice if you want to keep your patio cool in the summer without having to spend a fortune on electricity, the higher end the finer the msit which is definitely a point to consider.

Low-pressure systems can be installed in as little as thirty minutes, and cost as little as 100 dollars. Although as we mentioned above we would suggest heading towards the higher levels of these low pressure misting systems.

These misting systems can be a great addition to your outdoor space, because they provide instant relief from hot weather. Low-pressure systems can reduce the temperature of your patio by up to 20 degrees while high pressure may do up to 30 degrees but for a considerable expense.

Are DIY Patio Misters An Option?

When it comes to water cooling a patio, a DIY patio mister is an excellent solution. You can do this on a budget, and it can also save you a bundle. These misters can be glued to the wall for an extra-cheap solution.

If you can’t find a kit, you can always build one yourself. But before you get started, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right measurements. However you will still need to buy nozzles and tubing and if you want a really effective misting system you will have to decide if those 10s or maybe 100 dollars you would save is worth your time and effort.

DIY patio misters are less easy to install than low pressure systems as you have to start from scratch. They will also generally be less attractive. If you are planning on misting a greenhouse this may not be an issue but if you are misting your entertainment areas then you might want to get a commercially made misting system.

ig you are set on creating you own DIY misting system then you can follow the tops below while we put up a full guide at a later date.

It’s best to measure the area you want to cool, and make a list of supplies.

  • Before installing the mister, you’ll need to measure the distance from the power source or water faucet to the water source.
  • This distance should also include the distance between the clamps, which you’ll hang on the support structures of your outside area.
  • Ensure that they are at least 3 to 5 feet apart, otherwise they won’t work.
  • Make sure that the tubing for water is not a trip hazard.
  • Consider a filter on the water so your misting nozzles don’t get blocked
are low pressure patio misters worth it

Cost of Patio Misters

When choosing patio misters, you’ll need to consider how much you’re willing to spend. A basic patio misting system costs about $125, but the more elaborate models can cost up to $1,000. You can buy several misters if you want to make your yard as cool as possible while keeping pollutants and bugs out but this price will add up, even without the powered versions of misting systems.

To mist a small ish (50 to 150 square feet) for example then a small but good quality low pressure would suffice and these can be picked up for under 200 from most relevant retailers and online from Amazon.

Although you will have to fit them yourself. those 1000 dollar ones we mentioned above are high pressure and come with power and purchase costs on top. If you have a larger outdoor space or live in a particularly humid area you may want to look at these as an option.

Benefits of patio misters

Patio misters help extend the entertaining season and living space during out increasingly hot summers. This patio accessory adds an extra room to your home, perfect for summer barbeques or kids’ swimming parties.

Not only will you be able to enjoy your patio all year long, but it will also help you stay cool. And since they are relatively easy to install, even the novice DIY enthusiast can get started quickly.

Although patio misters are already a staple in the dry climates, especially commercially in outdoor terraces of cafes and bars, their popularity has steadily risen both commercially and more recently for home use as well.

They can be free-standing, attached to tents, loggias, terraces, and other structures. They are the perfect solution for making outdoor living spaces more comfortable especially in dry arid and HOT climates.


Patio mist systems spray a fine water mist into the air. This cools the surrounding area, and the fine droplets evaporate, making the patio feel cooler. Some of the more expensive models will even lower the temperature by as much as 25 or 35 degrees!

The cost of a patio misting system depends on the features you want. If you’re using it in a large area, you can expect the price to be as high as $1,500 if you go for high pressure systems. However low pressure powered from the faucet can be as little as 100 dollars.

Low-pressure systems operate by drawing pressure from the house’s water supply. Low-pressure systems are less expensive, but they can’t cool an area that’s extremely humid.

Whether or not low-pressure patio misters are worth the investment is a matter of taste and preference. While these products are often cheaper than high pressure, they can still be effective and worth their cost, and the benefits they provide are great enough to make them a worthwhile investment for many people.


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