Can You Put a Patio Mister on a Balcony

Can You Put a Patio Mister on a Balcony?

If you are considering installing a mister on your balcony there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing one. This article will go through some of the considerations to consider before installing a mister on your balcony.

It is possible, though not recommended to have a misting system on a balcony. Small balconies may be more suited to a misting fan however larger, isolated balconies can house a full systems. Although considerations to noise and neighbors should be considered. Alternatives can include more directed misting fans.

You will need to check water access to your balcony as many, especially smaller spaces aren’t constructed to have an outdoor mister. This may require plumbing work which would add possibly considerable expense. My friend can attest to this who jsut had a mister system fitted to his balcony!

Can You Put a Patio Mister on a Balcony?

Considerations before installing a Mister on a balcony.

We will look at these in a little more detail below, but for ease of reading the list below addresses some issues you should consider before purchasing and installing a mister on your balcony.

  • Access to water: As we briefly mentioned above some balconies may not have access to water and to use a mister is going to require either a water reservoir or access to plumbing. this could add cost and construction to the plan to install a mister on a balcony.
  • Cost: Although smaller, water supply driven models can be purchased for as little as 50 Dollars, more effective misters can go into thousands. You have to consider if it is worth the cost for the amount of time you spend on the balcony.
  • Neighbours: Unlike a sprawling garden or deck balconies are often in close proximity with each other. If you are higher up ( or not as the case may be) you may be more susceptible to wind, which means your cooling mist may be shared with your neighbors, this of course may or may not be welcomed by them!
  • Wind and misters: Watching clouds in the sky will tell you all you need to know about water vapor and wind. Wind will move the vapor. if you are higher up and more likely to have wind, then this may be cooling enough, however if the wind is relatively strong then your msiter not cool the area you planned.
  • Misting Fans alternatives: We mention them briefly below, but rather than a whole misting system it may be worth considering a misting fan if you have outlets on your balcony. They are designed to mist smaller areas and may be more suitable.

Installing a patio mister On a Balcony

If you want to cool off your balcony without turning it into a sauna, considering installing a patio mister on your balcony could be worth it though. These devices can help you cool down your outdoor space by up to 30 degrees if you live in a hot and dry climate and even add a little drama to the atmosphere. .

Water misters are an effective way to cool down outdoor spaces. In addition to cooling down your plants and your balcony, these misters can help regulate outdoor temperatures. We take a look at the differences between high and low pressure misters on the site in this article.

You can choose from a freestanding mister or a misting system that wraps around your balcony. The best way to install a mister on your balcony is to consult a professional who specializes in such things. You can even get a system that can be winterized.

However with a limited, and unchangeable space like a balcony you will need to be careful not to use a system that is to large for that space. Decks, patios etc have much more leeway than enclosed on three side balconies.

Neighbours and a Mister.

We mentioned briefly above that balconies and decks, patios, terraces have differences, and one of the most obvious of differences is the closeness to others. Balconies, unless part of a house rather than a condo or apartment building are going to have neighbors next door, possibly within a few feet.

Misting systems are not particularly controllable and the mist and water vapor will be at the mercy of the wind. this means it could quite easily end up cooling to the sides, above or below as well as or instead of your own balcony. Now this may be welcome, but it is more likely to annoy your neighbors.

if you do decide to install a misting system on your balcony it is important to consider the impact on your neighbors, and either inform of consult with them before spending any money.

it may also, if in a condo or apartment, be against rules and checking with the management would be highly advisable first as well.

Can You Put a Patio Mister on a Balcony?

How Do Patio Misters work

One of the best ways to cool off your outdoor space is with a mister system. These systems are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Misting systems work by dispersing microdroplets of water, which provides greater surface area per gallon. They also evaporate more efficiently than other forms of cooling. The superfine water droplets quickly absorb the heat from the surrounding air and evaporate to leave cooler air.

In hot and humid climates, a mister can cool an outdoor area by as much as 30 degrees. A mister will help you stay comfortable and cool even in the hottest summer days, making it a great option for any outdoor living space. It will also provide a clean, cool environment for your children to play in.

How much do Misting Systems cost?

Misting systems can be costly. Basic patio mist systems can run for between $30 and $100. Misters that use insecticide are expensive, costing $2,000 to $3,400. You may need to purchase a pump to increase the water pressure. The pump is an essential component of the system, and it’s the most expensive part.

We have more details on your choices and answers to misting system questions in the articles below.

Other Options: Misting Fans for Balconies

We don’t want to push you in one direction or another as you know your outside space better than we ever will, but the choice between sitting sweating on your balcony or having a misting system are not the only two options open to you.

We have a more in-depth article on shading balconies to give some respite from the sun here, and of course it is still possible to have cooling mist on your balcony – just in a smaller more targeted area by using a misting fan.

Misting fans, rather than misting from above, use a fan to push the mist horizontally. Depending on the power of the fan, and quality of course, this can be very effective over smaller areas and on my main balconies we have one near the seating area for those very hot days.

They target the area more effectively in smaller spaces, and have the advantage of being able to msit or just cool the traditional way. If you live in a smaller balcony with neighbours they are a definite consideration. We are putting together larger guides on misting fans in the near future so look out for those.

In the meantime you can check some options for yourself below.

You can check out all of our in-depth mister cooling articles on the links below.


Having a mister on your balcony will not only make it feel more comfortable, but it can also increase the value of your home. It can double as a watering system for your plants and can also be winterized, just like drip irrigation. A misting system will not only keep your plants lush, but also give you an excuse to enjoy your outdoor space during hot months.

However, as we have mentioned there are a few factors to consider when selecting the perfect misting system for your balcony and the most important of these is the likely closeness to other apartments and controlling the mist direction. this is why we suggest exploring a more directable misting fan instead of a full ( and likely more expensive) full misting system.


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