How Far Should a Fire Pit be From a Pool

How Far Should a Fire Pit be From a Pool?

When you think about vacations or weekend getaways, I can bet there was a fire pit in the mix. Fire pits are great whether you’re away or in your backyard. The one thing that usually goes hand in hand with a fire pit is a pool, but water and fire don’t mix, right? When we built our fire pit, I wanted to know how far a fire pit should be from a pool?

Generally speaking, your fire pit should be between 10-15 feet away from your pool, but the exact spacing depends on the local regulation, construction requirements, and other hazards like gas lines, electrical wiring, and plumbing pipes you have in the spot where you want to build your fire pit.

When we wanted to build our fire pit, we enlisted the help of my uncle, who had been in the construction business for many years. He gave some valuable advice and told us to look up the rules and regulations in our county. After doing a lot of research, we wanted to share the helpful information we found.

How Far Should a Fire Pit be From a Pool?

How Far Should Your Fire Pit Be From A Pool?

According to leading experts, your fire pit needs to be 10-15 feet away from the pool, but the exact spacing will depend on a few important factors. So, before you begin building your fire pit, you should better understand these factors as they will influence the distance between the fire pit and the pool. In the next section, we will take a look at these factors.

The Kind Of Fuel You Will Use

The kind of fuel you use to keep the fire in the fire pit going will influence the distance between the fire pit and the pool for the following reasons:

Natural, Propane, Or Ethanol Gas

Should you choose propane or natural gas, you will need to install a gas line; this depends on the pool’s layout and where the pipes are. Propane is usually preferred if you choose gas as your fuel source because it is virtually odorless, and you won’t need to worry about smoke.

Different Types Of Wood

Should you choose to use wood, it will be more expensive; softwood tends to spark, and those sparks can be hot pieces of wood. The wood also causes smoke and strong odors to travel from the fire around the yard.

You will also need to deal with regular ash clean-up. Using wood is forbidden in a few urban areas because of the hazards using wood can pose. Depending on the regulations, if you can use wood as your fuel source, you may need to build the fire pit further away from the pool or use hardwood.

Hardwood is more expensive than softwoods, but it burns for longer and burns cleaner with less smoke and sparks.

Having a water feature like a pool is an awesome addition to your outdoor space, we have a a collection of articles if you are thinking of adding one to help you get started linked below.

Local Regulation And Building Codes

Before you start to build, you need to check what your local regulations are. Not all counties have the same regulations, and there could be other things to consider like building codes and utility lines, including water pipes, electrical wiring, and gas lines.

It would be a disaster to dig a spot for your fire pit, and you hit something crucial that can harm you or cause unforeseen costs to repair. Your local homeowner’s association can also give you more information on the legal regulations your need to follow.

How Far Should a Fire Pit be From a Pool?

Where You Will Build The Fire Pit

The location of your fire pit will influence how far it needs to be from the pool because if there is a strong wind and your fire pit is in the direct path of the wind, it can blow dangerous hot embers around, so the spot needs to one that is protected from heavy winds.

The fire pit should ideally be located away from any trees or plants that can easily catch fire or be damaged by the heat, and it will lessen the number of leaves that can fall into the fire and create spontaneous and potentially dangerous sparks.

The location and thus distance between the pool and fire pit will also depend on where the house is located. If your pool is located too close to your house, the fire pit needs to be at least 15 feet away from your pool. It ensures that the firepit is far enough away from the pool and the house, so there is no danger.

The Design Of The Fire Pit

The design of the fire pit can influence the spacing as it depends on the size and shape you want your fire pit and the material you choose to build it with. If you choose the wrong size, you may need to build the fire pit further away from the pool to ensure everyone can get around the fire pit safely.

If you want your guests to sit safely on the edge of the fire pit or prop their feet up against the fire pit, you can increase the height (keeping the local requirements in mind) to between 36-44 inches wide (that includes the width of the walls). By doing this, multiple people can sit comfortably around the fire.

 You can also ensure the height is between 12-14 inches from the base to the top of the wall. If you want to have patio chairs on the edge of the fire pit, increase the height from 12-14 inches to 18-20 inches.

Please remember building your own fire pit is not recommended if you are new to DIY projects; it’s best to consult with experts in this matter. 

How Far Should a Fire Pit be From a Pool?


When you want to build a fire pit, there are certain specifications and regulations that you have to follow to ensure your fire pit is far enough away from your pool to be safe. Some of these regulations include the fire pit being built away from trees, the house, all utility lines below ground and around the fire pit, and it needs to be away from direct wind.

You can check the regulations and building codes with your local authorities or your local homeowners’ association. With their help, you can easily build your fire pit the right distance from your pool to keep you warm and, of course, everyone safe. 


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