Best Material For Pool Lounger Chairs

Best Material For Pool Lounger Chairs

If you’re choosing lounge chairs for your pool area, countless options are available on the market. Like most other outdoor furniture items, pool lounge chairs must be manufactured from materials that can withstand harsh weather. In addition, they may also require additional maintenance.

Various materials are great for pool lounge chairs. Aluminum is a good option for a pool lounge chair that withstand almost any weather. Alternatively, various timbers are excellent for use in pool lounge chairs. Other options for pool lounge chairs include stainless steel, wrought iron, and plastic.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and each will serve the needs of its users in different ways. It’s important to consider the severity of the climate in which you live when deciding what type of pool lounge chair will suit your needs best. Aesthetics are also a major consideration.

Best Material For Pool Lounger Chairs

Best Material For Pool Lounge Chairs

When it comes to outdoor furniture such as pool lounge chairs, the demands placed on the furniture are far more numerous than they would be for typical indoor furniture. Indoor furniture is far less exposed to harsh weather conditions. As a result, indoor furniture is not required to be as durable as outdoor furniture.

The selection of materials from which pool lounge chairs can be made is vast. Your choice will depend on aesthetics and several other factors, such as durability and resistance to harsh weather.

Various types of metal available are great for pool lounge chairs. In addition, various types of timber are also highly suitable. Other alternatives such as resin or plastic are excellent options for pool lounge chairs.

Best Material For Pool Lounger Chairs

Metal Pool Lounge Chairs

Metal is a great option for a pool lounge chair. Various types of metal work very well in an outdoor setting, such as a poolside. Aluminum pool lounge chairs require minimal maintenance. This type of metal is also extremely lightweight while remaining extremely customizable.

Aluminum chairs come in many shapes and forms, and there are various ways this metal can be styled to create the ideal pool lounge chair. Aluminum is durable, highly weather resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. Aluminum pool lounge chairs are often powder coated.

This powder coating makes the furniture items far more resistant to dents and scratches. In addition, aluminum is highly resistant to rust and requires very little maintenance. Aluminum is also naturally resistant to pests and requires no special treatment to remain this way.

Besides its brilliant suitability for poolside use, aluminum is also very affordable. Given the generally high outdoor furniture prices, an affordable option like aluminum is highly desirable for a pool lounge chair They can get hot in direct sun so some cushions would be advisable.

Stainless steel is another metal option for pool lounge chairs. Its high weight makes it somewhat less portable than aluminum. Wrought iron is another popular option that will withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions for years and is common to see on balconies and decks.

Best Material For Pool Lounger Chairs

Plastic Pool Lounge Chairs

Most people would cringe at the idea when thinking of plastic as an option for pool lounge chairs. However, various new types of plastic on the market work brilliantly for pool lounge chairs. Synthetic wicker, resin, and recycled plastics are all used to make stunning designer pool lounge chairs.

The contemporary plastics used for today’s lounge chairs are durable, weatherproof, and long-lasting. These materials are also resistant to pests.

If you take good care of your plastic sun loungers they can last for years. However, all qualities of plastic sun lounger will become brittle over time when exposed to UV rays so when not in use it is worth keeping them under some sort of cover.

We have some ideas linked for higher end and quality plastic sun loungers here on the page as well as both wood and aluminium sun loungers as well.

Best Material For Pool Lounger Chairs

Timber For Pool Lounge Chairs

Various types of timber work extremely well for outdoor furniture such as pool lounge chairs. Cedar is one such type of timber.

Cedar is a great option for pool lounge chairs. This wood has a lovely appearance and includes natural resins that make it weather resistant. Termites, rot, and powder beetles rarely affect cedar. Cedar can last for a very long time with or without treatment.

Cedar wood is a great material for outdoor furniture because of several factors. Like any material, cedar has positives and negatives compared to other kinds of wood. Nevertheless, it has shown itself to be a trustworthy material for use in outdoor furniture that may survive for well over three decades with little upkeep.

Only a select few of the nearly infinite kinds of timber that are now accessible may be used to successfully create outdoor furniture. This is frequently caused by how quickly wood rots.

Naturally, certain timbers will deteriorate far more quickly than others. This is typically caused by the trees’ inherent qualities, which reduce their susceptibility to rotting. For instance, the Bois d’Arc and the Black Locust produce physical barriers within their wood.

Tyloses, a protective layer, keep insects and other potentially dangerous organisms from entering the wood while preventing moisture from permeating.

Use of the heartwood is always preferred for outside applications. The tree’s strongest core sections, known as the heartwood, make up this material. The outermost portions of the stem and branch make up the sapwood, which is often lighter in color.

Several qualities about cedar make it a fantastic material for outdoor furniture. Although this timber has some qualities that can make it slightly less desirable, most of these can be prevented.

Cedar is a durable material that works well for outdoor furniture. The natural resins it creates eliminate the need to treat, stain, or paint the wood.

While not always necessary, the actions mentioned above will naturally increase the longevity of the wood. It would be wise to consider having the timber treated appropriately if you want to have cedar furniture that would last for decades.

However, treatment is not essential, making this a desirable wood alternative. Cedar that hasn’t been polished or treated will begin to turn grey over time, while its internal resins will keep it from rotting. If this grey style appeals to you, it might be very attractive especially of you are looking for that driftwood look.

Best Material For Pool Lounger Chairs

Considerations For Pool Lounge Chairs

When selecting a material for your pool lounge chairs, you must consider various factors. Firstly, you must consider the rain and moisture the chair will potentially be exposed to. This will indicate how likely the pool lounge chair is to develop rust or start warping.

The sun exposure and general temperatures in your area must also be considered. This will determine how much the chair will fade, crack, or retain heat. In addition, consider wind exposure, eco-friendliness of the material, and overall cost.

Having a water feature like a pool is an awesome addition to your outdoor space, we have a a collection of articles if you are thinking of adding one to help you get started linked below.


When choosing the best material for your outdoor pool lounge chairs, you will need to consider various factors to make sure it fits both the style, climate and environment of your living area.

Aluminium can be a great option but if you are in direct sun it can get hot and you might need to consider some cushioning to prevent scalding your unmentionables!

Wood gets less hot but make sure you choose a good solid and weather resistant wood like Cedar or other hardwoods. However, obviously these come at additional cost and with the best will in the world wont last as long as the plastic and aluminium options

Plastic has come a long way from the hotel pool loungers of the 1970’s and now it can be stylish as well as functional and while the prices can be very reasonable you will be paying more for premium models, and frankly if you own a pool you will be !

Whatever material you use there are options to add class to an already classy addition to your outdoor space.


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