Best Ways To Place Furniture Around A Pool

Best Ways To Place Furniture Around A Pool

If you have recently installed a swimming pool or moved into a house with one, you would have likely bought yourself some stunning new furniture to go with it. But how exactly do you place your chaise lounges, table, and chairs around your swimming pool in a practical, safe, and aesthetically pleasing way?

The pool is the central feature, so furniture is arranged to accentuate its use. Chaise lounges are placed along the far side of the pool while dining furniture would be on the opposite side. Position furniture at least thirty inches away from the pool with pathways that are three feet wide.

Following a few straightforward, general guidelines when arranging your furniture around your pool will ensure safety and ease of use. It’s not all about practicality, however. You can add your unique flair by making a splash with furniture choices, attractive decor, and creative landscaping.

Best Ways To Place Furniture Around A Pool

How Should Furniture Be Placed Around A Pool?

The main thing to remember is that the swimming pool is your main focal point. The intention is to arrange your furniture to enhance its use instead of hindering it. For example, having loungers alongside your pool is lovely for relaxing, but you wouldn’t want them positioned too close to the steps where they will get in the way of people stepping in and out.

It’s strange to consider, but you will likely spend more time on the patio surrounding your pool than swimming. While the swimming pool is the main feature, you still want to make the surrounding areas as welcoming and comfortable as possible. There are all kinds of furniture that you can use to make the patio or deck around your pool a relaxing place to spend your afternoons.

These are some examples of the furniture you will need when arranging your space:

  1. Chaise lounges are lovely, long, cushioned chairs that are great for relaxing with a book after taking a dip. You may want some side tables to go with those.
  2. Most pool patios will have a small area where people will want to gather to chat and socialize. These conversation areas may need smaller chairs and tables, or perhaps a long couch and coffee table if you have the space. 
  3. A dining area on your pool deck makes for some beautiful evenings with friends and family, where you can all sit back and relax while admiring the hard work you’ve put into your pool and garden.

No matter what size patio you have around your pool, you will need to make sure that you don’t clutter the space or arrange your furniture in a way that is difficult to navigate. You can follow these essential tips when arranging your furniture: 

  1. It would be best if your furniture is positioned at least thirty inches away from the edge of your swimming pool. You don’t want anyone accidentally falling in when adjusting their sitting position!
  2. Ideally, you would need to keep about three feet of space for pathways so people can move around your furniture and the pool. Being able to move around without risk is a vital safety concern.
  3. Those long, luxurious chaise lounges are ideally placed at the pool’s far end, furthest away from the steps. Chaise lounges can get in the way, thanks to their size, so you want to put them somewhere that won’t impede the use of your pool. It will also be more relaxing for those using the lounges if they are positioned away from a high-traffic area.
  4. Dining tables and chairs need to be positioned on the side of the pool closer to the house so that you don’t have to walk too far with plates of food.
  5. If you decide to have soft furnishings like cushions, keep them close to the house or have some handy storage nearby so that you don’t have to carry them far at the end of the day.
Best Ways To Place Furniture Around A Pool

What Type Of Furniture Can Go Around A Pool?

The number one rule when choosing furniture for your pool patio is ensuring it is intended for this purpose. Poolside furniture will be exposed to lots of sun and water, and not a lot of material can handle this well!

Tables and chairs made from wood are strong, sturdy, inexpensive, and long-lasting. Teak furniture is a good option, although it can be expensive, and while wicker furniture is popular, it isn’t very resilient. If wooden furniture isn’t your thing, you will find loads of metal options. For example, aluminum is an excellent option as it doesn’t rust, is lightweight, and is affordable.

If you have decided that you want soft furnishings like cushions or a couch, you need to ensure that the fabric can handle being exposed to the elements. Weather-resistant materials are mainly synthetic, with various colors and patterns. You can also use natural fibers, but then you must remember to store it somewhere dry when not in use, or it won’t last very long!

Best Ways To Place Furniture Around A Pool

Tips For Decorating Your Poolside Area

Choosing practical furniture that fits into your available space is your priority, but that doesn’t mean decorating your pool patio needs to be boring! There are great ways to keep this area looking beautiful all year long.

The first and most versatile decorating tip is to pick a color or theme and lean into it. The simple concept will make a space look well put together and inviting. You can keep it simple by sticking to bold colors and sleek lines or get creative with something like hot pink or seaside chic. There are many ideas to draw from, but your choices should reflect your interests and personality.

Another great tip is to get creative by landscaping with plants around your pool. Hardy plants like strelitzias, banana trees, or succulents should be able to withstand the occasional splash of chlorinated pool water, and they will add an oasis-type feel to your pool. Decorating with hanging plants and pot plants is an excellent option if you don’t have much garden space.

Lastly, consider your lighting when arranging your pool furniture and decor. When your pool party stretches from afternoon to evening, fairy lights or soft wall lights will keep the ambiance alive. You would want to ensure the conversation and dining areas are well-lit so that people can continue socializing comfortably.

Best Ways To Place Furniture Around A Pool

Having a water feature like a pool is an awesome addition to your outdoor space, we have a a collection of articles if you are thinking of adding one to help you get started linked below.


There are a few simple but helpful guidelines to follow when arranging furniture around your pool. For example, you must leave pathways for people to walk, and furniture should be spaced a short distance from the water’s edge.

While you need to choose practical furniture suited to outdoor use, you can use color, lighting, and plants to add flair and style to your pool area.


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