How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool On Terrace

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool On Terrace?

Adding a pool to your yard is a great way to make it feel alive while also adding to the things you can do at home. However, not everyone has a big enough yard to install an in-ground pool, or some just prefer a smaller pool that isn’t level with the floor. Whatever your reasoning for wanting a pool on your terrace, you will want to know how much one costs before beginning; luckily, that’s where we can help.

The cost of an above-ground swimming pool on a terrace itself can cost between $1000 and $30000 depending on the type and materials. Additionally, you must consider installation costs and aspects like the water and electricity required to keep it clean and running, which can add more than $5000 to your expenses.

Before installing a new swimming pool on your terrace, you need to plan the kind of pool you want, where it will go, what you’ll need, and how much it will cost. The costs of an above-ground swimming pool can vary depending on the kind of pool, the materials used to make it, and even what you add around it. The information below can be beneficial if you want to make a complete budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool On Terrace

How Much Does A Pool For Your Terrace Cost?

Depending on the type of pool you want, the size of the pool, the materials the pool gets made of, and other aspects, the price range of an above-ground pool can vary significantly. Since you need to look at the price of the pool and consider all of the factors above before you can start getting costs for installation labor and water, we need to look at the expense of the swimming pool itself at some point, however the costs of labor and preparation we have detailed first below.

How Much Will Labor Cost For A Terrace Pool?

If you are looking at buying a smaller-sized pool for your terrace, there is a chance that you can purchase the materials in a kit that helps you install it yourself. However, the bigger the pool is, the higher the chances are that you will have to pay for labor costs due to not being able to build it yourself.

The average labor cost of building an above-ground pool is between $1000 and $3000, depending on how you get charged, how big the swimming pool is, the pool’s material, and the installation service’s experience.

Other Costs To Consider For Building A Pool On Terrace

Now that you know the cost of building the pool or getting it assembled in your yard, you need to look at other prices like water, electricity for the pump, and even the cleaning chemicals. Below is the average cost of these things to help you determine how much extra you will need to get your pool full of water and keep it maintained every month.

  • The average water cost in America is around $1.50 for 1,000 gallons. This statement means filling your pool the first time with about 15000 gallons of water will cost you about $22.
  • The average cost of running a pool pump for a month is between $30 and $150.
  • To keep your pool clean will cost between $30 and $95 per month, excluding deep cleaning.
  • You will need decking around the pool, non slip and waterproof / treated.
  • Deck shade to relax out of the sun, this can be as simple as umbrellas or as expensive as pool houses! we have an article here with Deck shade options that are fairly robust.

The Average Cost Of A Pool You Can Build On Your Terrace

Now that we have looked at all the different factors of how much building a pool on your terrace will cost, we can determine that the average price will fall between $3500 and $7000, including labor. As stated before, there are plenty of aspects to consider, and the materials, size, shape, and type of pool can dramatically influence your swimming pool’s price.

However, based on research done in the US, the average price of an above-ground pool, including one built on your terrace, will be around $4000.

The Type Of Pool

The first aspect you need to consider when getting a pool on your terrace is the type of pool you want. There are a couple of different pool types, and they all sell at different prices depending on how they look, their materials, and other factors. Below are the most common types of above-ground pools, the most likely candidates for a swimming pool on your terrace, and the price range of each.

  • Soft Wall Inflatable Pool – Soft wall inflatable pools are a great way to have a small pool that you can easily pack up when you’re not using. This pool is easy to get going and is the least expensive option for most people.
  • However, the fact that the pool is inflatable means that there is little support structure keeping the pool up. These cost between $50 and $500 with no labor costs.

  • Soft Wall Framed Pool – The second most affordable above-ground pool is a soft walled framed pool. This pool is also simple enough to set up and dismantle, but you can have a much bigger area than the inflatable version.
  • Additionally, the frames of this kind of pool usually consist of metal pipes, making it much more durable and stable. These cost between $100 and $6000.

  • Permanent Slat Pools – The most permanent option for an above-ground pool that you can have on a terrace is a slat pool. These pools can get as big as an in-ground pool if you wish and are the most reliable.
  • These pools usually get made with walls coated with pool liner, making them nearly impossible to disassemble or move. You can expect a price between $500 and $14000
How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool On Terrace

The Pool Size

As you can tell from the wide range of prices above, the cost of building a pool on your terrace can range dramatically. A central aspect to consider for the ranging price is the pool size. The first type of pool is limited in space, but the framed and walled pools can be much bigger sizes. Though there isn’t a specific per square foot price increase, the size of your pool can determine the cost.


The Pool Shape

Another crucial factor to consider when constructing a pool on your terrace is the shape of the pool. The most common and often cheapest above-ground pools are round since the form is easier to develop and support. However, you can have both oval and square pools when you get a framed or walled pool for your terrace.

For example, some websites and manufacturers sell two pools with a similar surface area, with the round version selling for almost 50% less than the squared version. The shape of your pool can push up the price of your swimming pool from $3000 to $5500 because of extra work or materials needed to allow the form to support the water inside.


The Pool Materials

Naturally, the better the quality of the materials you use, the more the pool will cost. A wide variety of pool materials are available, with some getting made of steel, carbon fiber, or aluminum. The stronger the material is, the more likely the price is to be high. The material that costs the most to use for a swimming pool is steel walls.

if you are thinking of the colors you could use to make your pool we have an article on the site to help you decide and choose and also the materials that you could consider for your pool loungers as well and where to put the furniture around your pool.

Getting a residential building permit

In order to build a swimming pool on a terrace, homeowners must first get a zoning permit, though this may depend both on where you live and the size of the pool. This permit is required for the construction of a swimming pool, so homeowners need to know how to apply for it.

In most cases, homeowners can find the zoning office online. An experienced municipal official will be able to walk you through the process and make the process as simple as possible.

There will be more to it that starting to dig a hole in your garden, ( when i was about 8 i started doing this as i wanted a pool!)so make sure that this step in one of the first you do before spending any serious money on your terrace pool.

Having a water feature like a pool is an awesome addition to your outdoor space, we have a a collection of articles if you are thinking of adding one to help you get started linked below.


A swimming pool can make a tremendous addition if you want to smarten up your yard or your terrace. Though we didn’t discuss the added costs of adding a deck around your pool, building a swimming pool on your terrace can be affordable depending on the type you get and the materials used.

However, it is essential to remember the monthly costs, as not maintaining your pool can cost you more.



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