Where Should I Put My Outdoor Pizza Oven

Where Should I Put My Outdoor Pizza Oven?

You have made the exciting decision to get an outdoor pizza oven and will soon be joining the exalted league of outdoor pizza enthusiasts. However, one crucial question begs your careful consideration: where should I put my outdoor pizza oven?

Put your outdoor pizza oven in a safe, well-ventilated, and not too windy area. In addition, it is essential to have enough space around your outdoor pizza oven to move freely and unencumbered, with suitable working surfaces nearby, making the whole experience effortless and enjoyable.

Finding the right spot for your pizza oven is crucial and will influence your enjoyment of your pizza oven in the future. So, what factors influence the placement of my pizza oven, and where will you get the most delight out of it?The Best Place To Put My Outdoor Pizza Oven

Though the size, type, and mobility of your outdoor pizza oven will influence and fine-tune your final decision on where to put your outdoor pizza oven, some principles can assist you in choosing the best spot, irrespective of these differences.

The principles for deciding where to put your outdoor pizza oven include:

  • Safety precautions
  • Prevailing wind direction
  • Maneuvering space
  • Working surface
  • Aesthetics
Where Should I Put My Outdoor Pizza Oven

Safety Considerations When Placing Your Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are designed to create extreme heat; this is what makes your pizza crusts extra crispy. Though the various materials used for building and manufacturing outdoor pizza ovens consider this and insulate as much as possible, there is still a lot of heat involved. This could be dangerous if not considered carefully.

Even though most pizza ovens are carefully insulated, the exceptionally high temperatures they reach can be a fire hazard. In addition, nearby flammable materials could potentially catch fire. As such, placing the pizza oven in an open area, a safe distance from any flammable materials, branches or walls is advisable. Avoid putting the pizza oven underneath anything; this could also catch fire.

When placing a mobile outdoor pizza oven, it is crucial to put it on a stable and level surface. If not stable, the pizza oven could be knocked or blown over by the wind and cause a fire.

In summary, place your outside pizza oven safely away from flammable materials and walls in a stable and flat area.

Considering Prevailing Winds In Pizza Oven Placement

When considering where to put your outdoor pizza oven, one must remember that it is an outdoor pizza oven, and wind will always be a factor to consider. Though some wind is not a problem, it is not advisable to put your pizza oven in a particularly windy spot, not only for the effectiveness of the oven but also for your enjoyment of it.

Trying to cook in gale-force winds while keeping your pizza toppings from being blown off is not much fun. However, working with a slight wind is possible, though it is essential to consider the wind’s prevailing direction.

Though it could be some effort to determine the prevailing wind direction, it would be sensible to consider this when choosing a spot for your outdoor pizza oven, particularly if you are building a permanent, wood-fired one. This is not a big issue with a mobile oven since you can move it as needed.

Some locations have very predictable wind cycles, while others are more random. Therefore, spending some time in the area you intend to build to get to know the wind patterns, if there are any, could help you identify the perfect spot for your pizza oven.

While wind directly into the mouth of your wood-fire pizza oven isn’t ideal, wind straight from the back could be a constant source of smoke over the person operating the oven and guests gathering around. As such, having the wind coming from the side, allowing for some slight variation, would be ideal.

Maneuvering Space Around Your Pizza Oven

There needs to be sufficient space around your outdoor pizza oven for the person working to oven to be able to move around freely and unhampered. This will make it more enjoyable for both the oven-tender as well as guests that could be gathering around. Ensure enough room to tend to the oven, put food in, take pizzas out, and be mobile without kicking or tripping over something.

This will lead to a pleasurable cooking experience, and the more fun and less effort it is, the more time you will want to spend there. Outdoor pizza ovens tend to draw people to them, and guests usually congregate around the pizza oven and its operator. If there is enough space for everyone, the experience is so much more enjoyable.

Access To Working Surface Around Your Pizza Oven

Not having enough working surfaces close to your pizza oven can be uncomfortable. Make sure to put your pizza oven in an area with enough working surfaces. This will give the person tending to the oven and others enough space to work, put things down, and not risk items falling over each other because of lack of space.

Easy access to the kitchen setup inside your house can also be advantageous. If space is a limiting factor outside, easy access to the surfaces, utensils, and resources in your kitchen can be a good compromise.

Aesthetics Of Pizza Oven Placement

Though it is crucial to consider the practicalities when choosing a spot for your outdoor pizza oven, one must not forget that you will also be looking at it. Therefore, make sure to put your pizza oven in an area that you like that looks good and is pleasing to your eye. This way, you should get the most user-friendly and good-looking pizza spot.

Your specific pizza oven type will influence its appearance in different places and surroundings. Choose something that you like looking at; you will be the one using it most!

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Can I Leave My Outdoor Pizza Oven Outside?

Whether you can leave your outdoor pizza oven outside will depend very much on the type of oven you have; permanent pizza ovens stay outside and are built with materials that can withstand this. However, it is still essential to properly care for your pizza oven, increasing efficiency and longevity.

Mobile pizza ovens have the option to be removed. It is critical to refer to your pizza oven manual. The instructions should be clear as to whether the oven can be kept outside permanently or not. The manual should be followed without fail both for cost and safety reasons.

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Always put your outdoor pizza oven in a safe, level, and stable area away from flammable materials. Also, avoid putting it underneath anything, such as electric wires, decks, etc. This will significantly reduce the fire hazard. Ensure that your oven is not in a particularly windy area; ventilation is good, but not too much wind is undesirable.

Place your pizza oven in a spacious area with enough room for maneuvering, ample working surface, and room for guests. This will significantly increase your enjoyment of your oven and enable others to partake in this experience. And finally, put your oven in a spot that works for you, practically and aesthetically.


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