Enclosed Balcony Vs. Open Balcony

Enclosed Balcony Vs. Open Balcony

The modern world of housing and apartments is filled with many modern terms such as ‘enclosed balcony. Terms such as these can be confusing to understand, and knowing the difference between an enclosed and an open balcony is critical for anyone who is building or moving into a home that features either of these structures. What is an enclosed balcony vs. an open balcony?

An enclosed is a balcony that is fully enclosed and becomes part of the internal space of the building. An open balcony is an outdoor platform and is the typical expression of a balcony. Enclosed balconies increase internal floor space, while open balconies provide a way to be completely outside.

There are important differences between open balconies and enclosed balconies, and the way you can use these structures will determine which type of balcony is better for you. The first step here is to identify the differences, and the usefulness of open vs. enclosed balconies will become clear. Let’s compare these balcony types to better compare them

Enclosed Balcony Vs. Open Balcony

Enclosed Balcony Vs. Open Balcony

A balcony is a desirable feature of any home or building, but there is a modern balcony type that has become more popular in recent years that has caused much confusion. This new balcony type is the enclosed balcony, and many people wonder what the differences are between this type of balcony and an open balcony.

The most obvious difference between an enclosed balcony and an open balcony is the fact that the open balcony is completely open and outdoors, while an enclosed balcony is closed entirely and can be treated as a room rather than a balcony.

An open balcony is completely outdoors and protrudes from the outside of the building. This structure would not be considered a room and is generally used as an outdoor space for entertaining, getting some peace and quiet, or for simply enjoying a view.

Open balconies have locking doors that separate them from the rest of the building, and the only structural element that encloses them is a simple railing or a short wall that encircles the edge of the balcony itself. There are no walls on an open balcony, and it is completely open to the elements.

An enclosed balcony is, therefore, completely different from an open balcony, as this structure is entirely enclosed with walls or with very large windows. An enclosed balcony is shut off from the elements and is usually not separated from the rest of the internal structure of the building.

This type of balcony can be treated as another room within the structure and does not possess the same features as an open balcony.

This modern version of the balcony is usually made by reinforcing and enclosing an open balcony to increase the overall floor space of a room or to add another room to a building that can benefit from it.

These balconies are generally quite small in comparison to other rooms and are therefore not usually used as a bedroom or common-purpose room, but they are rather used as a small relaxation area, a small entertainment area, a small dining room, or a small room from which to enjoy a great view.

If an enclosed balcony has its own doors separating it from the rest of the home, it is a great place for meditation, yoga, or seeking solitude and silence away from the bustle of everyday life. This purpose makes enclosed balconies, particularly valuable and desirable in metropolitan areas and you certainly wont get pigeons nesting on them!

Enclosed Balcony Vs. Open Balcony

The Pros And Cons Of Open Balconies

Now that we have identified the most important differences between open and enclosed balconies let’s explore some of the significant pros and cons of these structures to better compare them to one another.

Let’s begin with the important pros and cons of open balconies, as these are the structures that are most familiar to most people.

The pros of open balconies include:

  • Open balconies provide abundant fresh air.
  • Open balconies provide an escape from the indoors.
  • Open balconies are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Open balconies are fantastic entertainment areas.
  • Open balconies provide fantastic views.
  • Open balconies introduce fresh air into a home or building.
  • Open balconies are very desirable and increase property value.
  • Open balconies can be easily closed off from the rest of the building.

The cons of open balconies include:

  • Open balconies are difficult to keep clean.
  • Open balconies do not add to the floor space of a building or room.
  • Open balconies can be very noisy.
  • Open balconies can be very small and have limited use.
  • Open balconies can require extra maintenance.
  • Enclosed balconies can be dangerous.
Enclosed Balcony Vs. Open Balcony

The Pros And Cons Of Enclosed Balconies

Closed balconies are a lesser-known version of the balcony, but they are nonetheless a significant architectural component of many modern buildings, and they do come with their own set of important pros and cons.

Let’s explore some of these critical pros and cons to better compare closed balconies to regular open balconies.

The pros of enclosed balconies include:

  • Enclosed balconies are very easy to keep clean.
  • Enclosed balconies add floor space to a room or a home.
  • Enclosed balconies can be easily used for storage.
  • Enclosed balconies add another room to a building.
  • Enclosed balconies are easy to decorate.
  • Enclosed balconies can be populated with indoor furniture.
  • Enclosed balconies still provide wonderful views.
  • Enclosed balconies are excellent for solitary space.
  • Enclosed balconies are very safe.

The cons of enclosed balconies include:

  • Enclosed balconies are typically very hot.
  • Enclosed balconies are not outdoors.
  • Enclosed balconies have very big windows to clean
  • Enclosed balconies do not provide as much fresh air.
  • Enclosed balconies are not as big as you may hope.
  • Enclosed balconies can increase the rent of a building significantly without adding too much space.

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Enclosed balconies and open balconies are not the same things, despite the fact that they are both a type of balconies. Enclosed balconies are akin to another room within a building, except with a much better view. An open balcony is an outdoor space that has unique capabilities and uses.

Determining which type of balcony is better for you is dependent on what you want to use the space for. If you need extra indoor space, then an enclosed balcony is ideal for you, but if you would rather go outside onto a balcony, then nothing will replace an open balcony.

We also have other Versus articles on the site if you have any more questions about the differences between outdoor spaces.


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