Can You Put A Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen

Can You Put A Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen?

Blackstone offers some of the best cooktops around. For many people looking to create an outdoor kitchen, the question about whether you can put a Blackstone Griddle in an outdoor kitchen arises at some point during the design stage.

You can put a Blackstone griddle in an outdoor kitchen and have a few options on how to do it. You can use it as a portable griddle or go the whole hog and install a legless version onto a countertop, and this will give you a more permanent fixture in your outdoor kitchen.

Several aspects must be considered regarding the space around the griddle and heat shields when installing your Blackstone griddle. The type and size of the griddle will depend on the size of your kitchen and how many other appliances will be installed with the griddle.

Can You Put A Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen

Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen – Portable Or Permanent

When looking at an outdoor kitchen, you need to determine whether you want your Blackstone griddle to be a portable or permanent fixture, as this decision will directly influence the design and positioning of the griddle in the space.

As a permanent fixture, you would need to install it on a countertop, countersink it, and then ensure that you have enough clearance around it and below it for the heat that will come off it while cooking.

Anything combustible must be kept well away from the cooking area, and you must ensure proper ventilation and airflow through the space. You must still comply with essential safety precautions, even with a portable griddle.

The portable option gives you greater flexibility, especially where only one griddle is available when you build the kitchen. Even so, you need to plan for the space the griddle will occupy when used, so include this on your outdoor kitchen plan.

The DIY Route For Your Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen

If you don’t have real carpentry experience, it would be better to utilize a professional contractor to install the griddle, or you can find and download guides to building cabinets. As long as you follow them, the cabinet should turn out fine.

However, if you have some ability, here are some tips on installing the griddle yourself.

Firstly, you need to use pressure-treated lumber for the cabinet’s frame as this material will be more resilient and resistant to the heat emitted from the griddle. Secondly, you need to look at a heat shield- a cement board or steel plate installed between the griddle and the wood.

Make sure you have at least three feet of clearance between the griddle and anything that could conceivably catch fire. Now, in a permanent position, the clearance would be included, but if you are going to use a portable griddle that you can place on a table or countertop, try and use the same position for it and then ensure that there is sufficient clearance.

If you are looking for regular gas grills then you can check out our article on can you put a regular gas grill in an outdoor kitchen article.

The RTF Option For Your Blackstone Griddle

If you aren’t going with the full DIY option, you can go for the pre-built cabinets known as RTF or ready-to-finish. This is an excellent option if you want less work during the installation; all you need to do is get the correct size cabinet to fit the size of the griddle.

Once you have the cabinets, you can bolt them together, and once complete, add your Blackstone griddle by dropping it in; this will save you time, effort, and cost; plus, there are some pretty good-looking RTF cabinets out there too!

Can You Put A Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen

Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen – The Gas Supply

If you are going to move the griddle around on various surfaces, consider the gas supply and positioning of the cylinder in the kitchen, as you don’t want to be working around or avoiding the fuel cylinders when cooking, and you don’t want your guests to have to do the same either.

This is one advantage of the permanent installation as you have a dedicated area or enclosure for the gas cylinders, and sufficient airflow and safety mechanisms will be installed. At the same time, the portable option requires more attention and effort.

You will need to carry the fuel in and out of the kitchen and ensure the griddle and the gas are properly stored for future use. While this may sound like more management, consider how much time you could spend in your outdoor kitchen and whether you want to carry or wheel the griddle and the gas to the kitchen whenever you want to use it.

Where To Place A Blackstone Griddle In An Outdoor Kitchen

Remember that in any kitchen, you want your appliances to be easily accessible and usable. When planning your griddle position, make sure you install it so you can move freely around it and remove food for serving or storing without any obstacles.

Whether the kitchen is a center-island or U-shape design, research the best place to install the Blackstone griddle and consider its placement relative to other appliances and cooking utensils.

Ideally, you want your cooking implements within arm’s reach of the griddle, and whether this is suspended above the griddle or in draws below or next to it, you don’t want to be scrambling for spatulas and spoons when you need them.

Why Use A Blackstone Griddle In Your Outdoor Kitchen

Firstly, these are some of the best griddles around. If you take the time to look at the variety of models and their incredibly robust design and versatility, adding a Blackstone griddle to your outdoor kitchen will stand you in great stead for many years to come.

With the flexibility Blackstone griddle provides, you can go with multiple meal options, fast and easy cooking, and great temperature response. You can move from breakfast to lunch to dinner seamlessly and impress your guests and family in the process!

With Blackstone, the range and size of cooking tops offer you perfect symmetry in terms of your kitchen design, as you can plan to fit the ideal size cooking top, whether permanent or portable


With proper planning, safety considerations, and positioning, you can look forward to many years of cooking enjoyment in your outdoor kitchen with your Blackstone griddle, whether it’s portable or permanent.

You certainly can and should put a Blackstone griddle in your outdoor kitchen as they provide exceptional quality and durability and will complement the other appliances and flow and integrate well with the design and overall functionality of the kitchen.


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