Covered Deck Lighting Ideas

Covered Deck Lighting Ideas


When it comes to outdoor lighting, homeowners can be extremely creative with all available options. Outdoor lighting presents an exciting opportunity to create an incredible outdoor atmosphere for residents and guests alike, with lights highlighting certain features and defining specific areas.

A covered deck allows users to create a lighting design scheme that can include all the benefits of indoor lighting thanks to the roof overhead. The possibilities are limitless because a covered deck is essentially an outdoor room. You’ll see the best results by employing multiple deck lighting sources.

By treating your covered deck as an outdoor room, you can use various types of lighting. This will help create a layered effect that will make a great positive contribution to the space’s ambiance. Lighting on your covered deck can also provide safety while making it easy for guests to navigate the space at night.

Covered Deck Lighting Ideas

Because you are essentially halfway between the outdoors and indoors, a covered deck presents numerous opportunities when it comes to lighting.

  • While on the one hand, you can use deck lighting to enhance certain architectural features on the covered deck.
  • You can also use deck lighting to draw attention to plants and other landscape features, whether on the deck or in the garden.

Lighting on your covered deck will make it easier for users to see while moving around the space. It will also add a certain safety element to the outdoor space, making it feel safer for your friends and family. In addition to this, the lighting on your covered deck will create a pleasing ambiance that will set the mood for whatever gathering you host in the space.

With outdoor lighting on a covered deck – as with indoor lighting – you should always opt for a layered effect. This means that you should use several different types of lighting in different ways to help create the desired atmosphere for the space. Remember that the focus with deck lighting is as much on creating an ambiance as it is on making it easier for guests to see.

With this in mind, harsh lighting should be avoided. Instead, a covered deck should employ multiple sources of muted deck lighting that will provide sufficient light to see while creating a relaxing outdoor atmosphere.


Dual-function Lighting

With an outdoor deck, there are exciting opportunities that will allow you to experiment with different lighting types. Lighting on a deck needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Various types of lights on the market serve a dual purpose.

Sculptural dual-purpose deck and porch lighting often comes in the form of beautiful, contemporary furniture or décor pieces that feature lighting as part of their construction. For example, you could have a set of sculptural side tables with lighting underneath the table’s surface. This provides light in the area without being overly bright, creating a warm, glowing atmosphere.

Uplights For Exposed Rafter Ceilings

Suppose your covered deck has a pitched roof with an exposed ceiling. In that case, there is an exciting opportunity to highlight this architectural feature while providing soft lighting for the space. Dimmable up-lights can be installed between ceiling joists (preferably every second one) to send a warm glow of light up into the roof structure.

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Wall Lights

Simple wall lights attached to the home’s external walls are a great addition to a covered deck. These lights should be on a dimmer switch and form part of a layered deck lighting scheme. Wall lights provide a warm, pleasant glow to the space without being overwhelming.

Floor Lamps

Because your deck is covered, you can use floor lamps in a similar fashion to how you would incorporate them indoors. Opt for large floor lamps with interesting designs to add a sculptural element to your outdoor deck. Many outdoor floor lamps are available with rechargeable batteries, making it easier to use them in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Chandeliers/Pendants

A covered deck presents the opportunity to bring some grandeur to the space with outdoor chandeliers and pendant lighting. Ensure your chandelier or pendant is rated for outdoor use, and be sure to have it installed with dimmers.

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Solar Lights

Solar lights are portable and extremely handy on a covered deck. They can be placed along walkways, on banister posts, and even in pot plants to provide deck lighting where necessary and add to the overall lighting scheme of your outdoor room.

Lanterns/Hurricane Candles

Lanterns and hurricane candles are other portable deck lighting options to be placed wherever needed. Whether you opt for real candles or the solar-powered LED type, hurricane lanterns will greatly contribute to your covered deck.

Ceiling Fans With Lights

If your covered deck tends to get warm in the evenings, install some ceiling fans with built-in light fixtures to serve two purposes simultaneously.


While not advisable on a large scale, spotlights can be extremely useful on a covered deck when used for lighting specific areas such as a food preparation surface, sculptural plant, or water fountain.

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Fire Pits

Nothing beats the light of a fire in terms of natural ambiance. Cleverly placed fire pits around your covered deck will create additional light while providing warmth and atmosphere to the space. Remember that a fire pit should not be placed directly under a roof, especially if the ceiling is low.

Under Railing Lights

Installing lights under the railings of your deck will provide a soft glow to the perimeter of the deck, assisting in user navigation while contributing to the warm atmosphere.

In-floor Lighting

In-floor deck lighting can be highly effective when incorporated properly onto a covered deck. It is best used when highlighting certain features from below, such as trees or pot plants. Install in-floor lighting in the corners of your deck, on steps, and near built-in seating.

Covered Deck Lighting Ideas

Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Recessed ceiling lights (downlights) can be used in a covered deck, but this is not advisable. This type of light creates a harsh, sterile atmosphere while simultaneously creating unpleasant shadows.

Under-Counter Lights

Under-counter lights are particularly useful when your covered deck has an outdoor kitchen. They will help users know where they are in the space without creating an atmosphere of harsh light.

String Lights

String lights are one of the most popular types of lights used outdoors. This is a quick and effective way to add atmosphere to any outdoor space, and they can be strung wherever you like. String lights often have the added benefit of being battery – or solar-powered, further contributing to their usefulness.

Covered Deck Lighting Ideas

Stair Lights

Stair lights can add to the lighting atmosphere while providing safety for users of the stairs. This is an important addition if the stairs on your deck are used frequently at night. If you have high, or a high number of stairs in may be worth having these as down lights so that people coming up are not blinded by the lights in the higher level stairs as they move up.

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There are countless ways that you can light up your covered deck. Because it has a roof, the deck lighting elements you decide to use will be relatively well-protected from inclement weather.

As a result, you can employ similar deck lighting techniques as you would indoors. However, an outdoor deck presents even more opportunities to create a unique and interesting design scheme.


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