Can You Use A Regular Gas Grill In An Outdoor Kitchen

Can You Use A Regular Gas Grill In An Outdoor Kitchen?

Building an outdoor kitchen has become more popular in the last few years. It makes you feel closer to nature and gives you a break from being in the house all the time. You can cook while having a fun time with your family. I didn’t want to spend more money on a special grill as I already had a new gas grill. I contacted my contractor to ask if I could use a regular gas grill in an outdoor kitchen.

You can use a regular gas grill in an outdoor kitchen. There are a number of factors to remember when you do this, like planning the space in a way that should you need to replace your grill, you won’t need to change the layout of your kitchen, and if you want to counters around the gas grill built.

I wanted to know more about using a regular gas grill in my outdoor kitchen, so I wrote down my contractor’s advice and did some additional research. The information I found was very helpful, and I know I am not the only one who wants to know if you can use a regular gas grill for an outside kitchen, so I wanted to share what I found.

Can You Use A Regular Gas Grill In An Outdoor Kitchen

Can You Use A Regular Gas Grill In An Outdoor Kitchen?

If you are wondering what kind of grill to use in your outdoor kitchen, you have two options, regular free-standing gas or charcoal grill or a built-in gas grill. You can use a regular free-standing grill in your outdoor kitchen if you want to save money, but there are a few factors you need to remember before building your outdoor kitchen and installing your regular gas grill.

Factors To Remember If Using Regular Gas Grill

If you already have a regular free-standing grill and don’t want to buy a special built-in Regular Gas Grill for your outdoor kitchen, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

The Sides Of The Gas Grill

If your Regular Gas Grill has sides that fold down, you need to remove them before you can put the grill into its new home. It is because the sides create unsightly gaps between its surrounding. These fold-down sides are there for extra space, but if you install the gas grill between two counters, you will have enough space, and they will be in the way.

There Might Be Space Restrictions

Before building the space where your grill will be standing, you need to read the manual or contact the manufacturers to find out if there are any space restrictions on your gas grill. Some gas grills have recommended clearances that you should adhere to.

Many people think it depends on the type of material you are building the outdoor kitchen with, but it doesn’t matter if you are building with fireproof mortar, bricks, and stone. It is about ensuring proper airflow to your Regular Gas Grill and can affect how efficiently it cooks if you don’t follow the clearance recommendations.

Install The Grill After You’re Done Building

It’s important to ensure that you are building not only to your standards but that you don’t build to unnecessary heights and sizes. Things like stone veneer should be added before you put your grill in its proper space, or you might be tempted to build around it, and you end up with kitchen-zilla and not the dream outdoor kitchen you were aiming at.

You only need to ensure you take proper measurements and remember to remove the folding sides, and read about the proper clearance you need before measuring the space your gas grill needs. That way, you have to use the space you created, and you won’t go overboard with building around the Regular Gas Grill.

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Can You Use A Regular Gas Grill In An Outdoor Kitchen

The Pros And Cons For Free-Standing And Built-In Grills

Before choosing the grill that suits your outdoor kitchen vision and needs best, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of a regular free-standing gas grill and a built-in gas grill. Remember to look at ventilation however.

Pros Of A Regular Free-Standing Gas Grill In Outdoor Kitchen

The pros of a regular free-standing gas grill in an outdoor kitchen will determine the grill you choose to use. Here are the pros:

  • They are the less expensive than built-in grills
  • Regular Gas Grills offer more flexibility. Depending on how and where you design your gas grill to stand (if you don’t build a special nook for it), you can move it around as it pleases you.
  • You can replace the free-standing gas grill if yours is not functioning anymore (remember to measure correctly).

Cons Of A Regular Free-Standing Grill In Outdoor Kitchen

There are a few cons if you choose this kind of grill that you should be aware of:

  • Free-standing gas grills are not as durable as a built-in gas grill because built-in gas grills are made to withstand the elements. So you might need to replace your free-standing gas grill more often.
  • Regular Gas Grills are less powerful and smaller than built-in gas grills; therefore, you will spend more time cooking if you have a huge number of people to feed.

Pros Of A Built-In Gas Grill In Outdoor Kitchen

A built-in grill is a go-to grill for most outdoor kitchen owners; here are a few of the pros of a built-in gas grill:

  • They are durable and made to last. You won’t need to replace a built-in gas grill as often as a free-standing gas grill.
  • Built-in gas grills are bigger, and you can cook for many people simultaneously.
  • Built-in gas grills can easily fit into a countertop for a smooth, seamless look.
  • As they are built into a countertop, they are easier to maintain and are better protected against the elements.

Cons Of A Built-In Gas Grill In Outdoor Kitchen

While a built-in grill is the go-to for many people, it does come with its own set of drawbacks, so here are the cons to using a built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen:

  • It’s more expensive than a free-standing gas grill.
  • It’s not as flexible as using a free-standing gas grill, meaning once it’s in, it’s in, and you can’t change your mind about where you want it after it’s installed.
  • If you need to replace them, you might have additional costs as the new grill might not fit into the countertop and the old grill, and you would need to adjust the countertop.



Using a free-standing gas grill or a built-in gas grill in your outdoor kitchen is a great idea. You can cook for your family and friends and enjoy time outdoors. Remember, when you install a gas grill, you have to build your outdoor kitchen so that when you need to replace the grill, you won’t need to adjust or break down some parts of the outdoor kitchen you have built.

So, you should measure correctly and choose a grill that you won’t get tired of in the near future, or you will end up spending more money than you bargained on.


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