Low Maintenance Plants for Decks

Low Maintenance Plants for Decks

Plants on the deck look fantastic and make your space look complete. It gives life to your deck and gives you some time to relax and unwind after a busy day at work. Most workaholics would rather sit back and enjoy the nature scene on the deck than spend time doing the upkeep. we take a look at the best low maintenance plants for decks

Before you choose a plant or three to add to your deck, ensure that the plant will fit in with the location you have in mind. Shade and sunny balconies will require different plants, and wind will also be a factor in choosing the best plants for your patio.

1. Low Maintenance Herb plants For Deck

Herbs are always a good idea, whether you plant them in a garden on in an herb rack on your deck. Many herbs will not need effort from you and still deliver a great feel and extra benefits to your patio.

Basil plants For Decks

Basil is a great, low-maintenance plant for your deck. It needs a little sunlight, and you can water it sparingly. It is a versatile herb to use with foods for flavoring, and some variants have medicinal benefits.

Basil is an insect repellent, as the smell keeps them away; thus, you can use basil to clear your deck of unwanted insects. The only downfall of basil is that it is pretty sensitive to frost, so either place it strategically on your deck or cover it up when autumn strikes.

Lavender For Your Deck

Lavender is the purple flower that keeps on giving in its benefits. They provide a beautiful view with many purple flowers and a breathtaking aroma setting up your deck with calm vibes. Lavender plants are also low maintenance and only needs a small area, sun, and little water to grow.

Lavender attracts beneficial insects like butterflies, bees, and other pollinators while repelling the bad ones. The smell of lavender makes spiders, mosquitos, and flies keep their distance so you can enjoy your deck without them.

2. Low Maintenance Succulents For Your Deck

Your first thought when considering low-maintenance plants might have been succulents. If they can survive in a dessert-like atmosphere, they can survive on a deck with little maintenance.

The Jade Plant For Your Deck

A Jade plant wants humidity, fertilizer every six months, and little water. They are great regulators of CO2, keeping the air fresh for humans. They have medicinal value, and the Chinese cultures use them for diabetes, epilepsy, and washing out the intestines.

The thick branch is beautiful, and you can practice your bonsai skills on a Jade plant. It grows slowly, making it perfect for that pot in the corner of the deck.

Aloe Vera For Your Deck

Aloe Vera is a multipurpose plant you already needed on your deck yesterday. It is insect-repellent, needs a little water every week or two, and requires direct sunlight.

Low Maintenance Plants for Decks

Aloe Vera is a super plant when it comes to benefits. The leaves ooze out a gel you can use for sunburn, cuts, mosquito bites, and stings. Add some of it to your body lotion to keep your skin from drying.

Cactus For Your Deck

With more than 2000 cacti species available, you can decorate your deck with different colored ones, and a few have the most beautiful flowers during some parts of the year. They are so low maintenance; you won’t even feel you have plants. A cactus can go a very long time without water and don’t have a preference for a certain amount of sunlight.

Low Maintenance Plants for Decks

However, they can get sunburn if moved to a spot that might be too hot. You can identify sunburn through the cacti’s color turning yellow. They are also not for cold weather, so if you plan on having them on your deck in an icy destination, cover them or find a place indoors for them during the colder months.

Snake Plant For Your Deck

The snake plant is the king in a negligent owner’s world. Snake plants can help combat allergies by cleaning the air and supplying oxygen. They need low light and don’t need regular watering.

Many believe the snake plant has healing powers (not scientifically proven). These include keeping blood sugar steady, reducing inflammation, combatting headaches, and many more.

We have plant articles throughout the site you can search and we have listed some below. 3. Low Maintenance Tree-Like Plants For Your Deck

Adding a tree to your deck will complete your little garden. Opting for regular trees might be a problem, but plants that mimic the look of a tree will be perfect.

The Ponytail Palm For Your Deck

This succulent (no, it is not a palm) is perfect for your low-maintenance deck plant inventory. They can take full-on sunlight or receive secondary light throughout the day. The ponytail palm stores water in its elephant-foot-looking trunk and doesn’t need regular watering.

Look out for mealy worms, and spider mites attracted to these plants. There are oils available that will keep them away.

Rubber Tree Plant For Your Deck

A rubber tree plant is a natural humidifier that cleanses the air and leads to less dust and fewer respiratory infections. They need sunlight but not too much, and pruning it will make for a sturdy, whole plant that will bring joy to your deck. Water twice a month when dormant and once a week when in a growing phase.

Low Maintenance Plants for Decks

Dracaena Plant For Your Deck

Another great air-purifying plant is the Dracaena. Usually used indoors, it can also have a place on your deck. They require little water and are not concerned with specific light exposures.

They absorb lead in the air, a central plus point, as inhaling information can cause terrible diseases. These include loss of appetite, weakness, low concentration, and in severe cases, death.

4. Low Maintenance Runner-Plants For Your Deck

Runner plants are beautiful and can give your deck a different look. Adding one that grows up a pillar will give your patio an edge over your neighbors’ and doesn’t have to rob you of precious family time. Hanging pots with leaves running down has a calm feeling.

Philodendron For You Deck

To add a special touch, you can use a philodendron plant to grow down from a hanging pot. They multiply quickly, and the maintenance is so low that a person killing plants can make this one live.

There are many species of the philodendron plant, ranging from different leaf shapes like elephant ears or heart-shaped. Some also have other colors, such as red, gold, or green. A Philodendron wants partial sunlight and moderate watering and can be poisonous to pets if they chew the leaves.

Pothos For You Deck

Pothos is the option if you are looking for a plant to trail over your deck rails. Pothos grows fast, with beautiful green vines that can stretch 10 feet long. They require low light and need some attention when it comes to the way you have to water them but can tolerate irregular watering.

5. Low Maintenance Leafy Plants For Your Deck

Leafy plants are usually calming when they blow slightly through the wind, and combining different greens will give you a garden feel on your deck.

Cast Iron Plant For Your Deck

This plant is not named “cast iron” for no reason. Cast Irons are tough to kill and can withstand harsh conditions. It grows slowly, too, so there is no need to move around and find new pots often. This plant can make a statement on your deck because it grows two to three feet tall.

A cast iron plant doesn’t want direct sunlight so place it in an area accordingly. They have draught resistance and only need moderate watering. They need fertilizer once a month which isn’t too much of a hassle to keep up.

Peace Lily Plant For Your Deck

A peace lily might be a leafy plant but will surprise you throughout the year with beautiful white spoon-looking flowers. They smell amazing, don’t need a lot of water, and don’t have to get direct sunlight to thrive.

Boston Fern For Your Deck

This popular plant with its frilly leaves is known to flourish in most homes. You can place it out of direct sunlight and wind, spray it with water to keep the humidity high, and water it once in a while.

Low Maintenance Plants for Decks

Ferns increase the humidity in the air and clean the air from toxic pollutants. They will look great in a hanging pot on your deck.

Spider Plant For Your Deck

This plant is named spider plant because its leaves grow down in hoops, portraying the illusion of spider legs. Spider plants don’t need a lot of sun exposure and can go with watering twice a month.

Low Maintenance Plants for Decks

Spider plants are great air purifiers and have edible leaves. They are not fond of cold conditions and can freeze to death, so keep this in mind when deciding which plants fit best in your environment.

6. Low Maintenance Flowering Plants For Your Deck

A Deck garden isn’t complete without a few flowering plants. Usually, flowers are the definition of maintenance, but here are a few that are on the lower spectrum of upkeep.

Sweet Alyssum Plant For Your Deck

These little purple flowers usually form a mat on the ground when you plant them in a garden. You can, however, grow them in a basket on your deck and revel in their beauty and scent at eye level.

Low Maintenance Plants for Decks

Sweet Alyssum flowers are edible, so you can also show off their beauty at tea time. They want sun, not too hot, but can also function with shade during the day. You can overwater them, so don’t. Make sure the soil is dry by testing with your fingertip (pressing your finger into the ground) before you water it again.

Jasmine Plant For Your Deck

Jasmine plants can withstand cold winters and still bloom. The small white flower will give your space a clean look and excite you each time you exit onto the deck. Jasmines need watering once a week and complete sun during the day, with a 4-hour shade period being acceptable.

Jasmine leaves are very beneficial in humans, and you can find teas made with jasmine to give you the benefits. It helps with cholesterol control, weight loss, anti-aging benefits, immune-boosting agents, and many more health-related benefits.

Desert Rose Plant For Your Deck

The desert rose is a great flower to add to your low-maintenance deck plants. With beautiful red and pink flowers blooming in the summer, this plant needs a prime spot on your deck in direct sunlight.

They are pretty negligent-proof and don’t want extra water. The desert rose plant is resistant to most diseases, grows slowly, and can last centuries if you look after it.

8. Low Maintenance Fruit Plants For Your Deck

Who doesn’t want to benefit from plants that can give you fruit? It could be a great project to teach your kids to grow fruit and look after the plant, especially if it is low maintenance.

Strawberries For Your Deck

Having strawberry plants on your deck will bring joy to the whole household. There is something about getting fruit from your plants, knowing you grew it yourself. When planted in pots or crates, strawberries need regular water, but not too much, so make sure you don’t have strawberry plants in soggy soil.

There are many benefits of strawberries. From a healthier heart to blood regulation, strawberries benefit any human being, including kids.

9. Low Maintenance Vegetable Plants For Your Deck

How convenient can it be to walk out to your garden while preparing food, grab a vegetable and add it to your dinner? Vegetables will be a great add-on to your household and exciting addition to the deck.

Tomatoes For Your Deck

The best time to plant tomatoes will depend on your climate. Suppose you live in a humid environment; opt to grow in the autumn because too hot days aren’t ideal. Tomatoes want sunlight, are not scared of a breeze or wind, and need regular water.

Tomatoes are so good for humans, and most people love them. You can use these versatile vegetables in warm dishes or a crispy summer salad. Be sure to wash the tomatoes before using them to remove any bacteria or pesticides.

We have loads of information and articles on plants for outdoor spaces, while a search will help checking out the articles linked below is also a good way to start.


You don’t have to sit on a naked deck because you don’t have time to look after plants or don’t have green fingers.

Apply your conditions and temperatures to plan your deck paradise, and add your low-maintenance plants to enjoy your deck hassle-free.


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