How Long Does Wicker Furniture Last Outside

How Long Does Wicker Furniture Last Outside?

Wicker furniture has a carefree but glamorous style that is becoming very popular recently. Wicker furniture signifies pleasant weather as it appears everywhere in spring and summertime. Because there is a concern that wicker furniture will not hold up outside, you might be hesitant to buy it for outdoor use. So how long does wicker furniture last if used outside?

Wicker furniture can last ten years and longer outside with proper care, preservation and correct use. Synthetic and traditional wicker are the two variants and have different lifespans. Exposure to sun and water are mostly the cause of damage to wicker furniture used outdoors.

When you unwind outside on your porch or next to your pool, wicker furniture will truly capture the holiday feeling. If you properly maintain your wicker furniture, it should last much longer for you to enjoy it. Here is some advice to assist you if you want to know how to make your wicker furniture survive for years.

How Long Does Wicker Furniture Last Outside

How To Make Wicker Furniture Last Outside

To make wicker furniture last ten years or longer certain care is necessary, especially if used outdoors. Before taking the right steps to protect your stylish wicker furniture, you have to first establish what your wicker furniture is made from. Let us look at some different wicker furniture components and the care it needs to last for many years.

The two most well-known wicker furniture available are traditional wicker furniture made from rattan, paper rope or seagrass and synthetic wicker furniture made from high-density polyethylene plastic. These different kinds of wicker furniture need different care to withstand the outside elements so that they can last ten years or more.

Traditional wicker furniture is made from natural fabrics like reed, bamboo and coated paper. Without proper maintenance, UV rays from the sun and rain will warp wicker furniture or break its fibers down, becoming brittle. Although the best idea is to keep it away from direct sun or water, you can take certain steps to protect it against the elements if left outside.

The natural-material traditional wicker furniture is made from will last 10 years and longer if it has a layer of varnish to seal it and protects it from rain that causes mildew and rot.

Giving it a fresh coat of varnish every two years will increase its life span. Paint will help it last if it is waterproof paint and it gets a regular coating. Tung oil helps with water protection and should be applied regularly.

Synthetic wicker furniture is the easiest to care for because it is not as susceptible to the elements as traditional wicker furniture. Although it is not as appealing as its traditional counterpart, synthetic wicker furniture can last longer with less care. Synthetic wicker is made from polyethylene plastic, and water has little effect on it, but if left in the sun too long can cause it to crack.

Keeping your Synthetic wicker furniture out of the sun when not used should keep it beautiful for many years. The other thing that threatens the lifespan of synthetic wicker furniture applies to traditional wicker furniture as well. Rodents like to gnaw on just about anything, and wicker furniture left outside will not escape its teeth. Take measures to keep rodents away, and your wicker furniture should last.

The best way to keep your wicker furniture last outside for ten years or more is to take the steps many people neglect to do or do not even think of. Keep it dry away from rodents and out of the sun as much as possible by covering it when it is not used or moving it indoors. Wicker furniture can last ten years and more if it is cared for, and taking the right steps can keep it beautiful.

How Long Does Wicker Furniture Last Outside

How To Protect Wicker Furniture From Outside Elements

Traditional wicker furniture swells and contracts with weather changes causing it to lose its strength, and using the right products and measures to care for it helps with its longevity.

Wicker furniture’s biggest enemy is the sun. The sun will dry the reed, bamboo or paper rope and make it porous. Traditional wicker furniture has natural flexibility and some moisture in it. Use exterior varnish or urethane paint to seal the natural moisture inside to keep it flexible and protected from the sun’s UV rays.

Oil can keep the strength in your wicker furniture. Linseed oil or Tung oil is the best choice when protecting unpainted or natural wicker furniture from the elements. Rub linseed oil over your wicker furniture or dilute Tung oil with water and spray it on. After applying oil, let your wicker furniture dry completely before use.

Products like varnish, paint and oil are excellent for protecting wicker furniture outside and can extend its usage. With wicker furniture becoming so expensive other measures are necessary if you want it to last more than ten years. Like any furniture, if you take care of it and do that little extra, it can stay beautiful and be used for a long time.

If wicker furniture is used outside, it is wise to cover it or move it to a protected place when you do not use it. Placing your wicker furniture under a gazebo or roof is a good idea, and it is necessary if you want to keep it in good condition and last longer.

What Wicker Furniture Will Last The Longest Outside?

The furniture made of all-weather wicker is stunning and features a similarly sophisticated style to traditional wicker. Resin, a plant material with the capacity to permanently harden, is used to make all-weather wicker and can withstand the elements. All-weather wicker often has frames constructed of rust-resistant metals like steel and aluminum.

All weather wicker furniture can stay outside for extended periods thanks to these resilient solutions. Any moisture from rain will allow traditional wicker to absorb it, causing it to deform over time. Even with heavy rain, water beads off all-weather wicker due to the properties of the resin. Because of the resin material, all-weather wicker can maintain its shape and last many years outside.


Wicker furniture marks beautiful weather and is popular for outside use, and can last up to ten years and longer if cared for properly. Protecting your wicker furniture with the right varnish, paint or oil and keeping it out of the rain and sun when you do not use it will extend its lifetime.

All-weather wicker furniture is not as glamorous as traditional wicker furniture but is a good substitute, especially for outdoor use. All-weather wicker furniture is designed to last longer when outside and keep its beauty much longer. So how long can wicker furniture last outside? If you take care of it and maintain it, wicker furniture can give you ten years and more.


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