How Long Does Window Glazing Last?

Window glazing is the process of installing a glass pane within a frame using a specialized glazing compound. This glazing compound holds the glass in place, but it also creates an airtight seal that keeps the elements out of your house. Despite window glazing’s importance, many homeowners are unsure about this compound’s lifespan.

When window glazing is correctly installed, it can last for up to thirty years. To maximize the lifespan of window glazing, proper maintenance is needed. When improperly maintained, windows may need to be prematurely reglazed. Eventually, all windows will need to be reglazed.

We’re going to break down what you need to know about window glazing. Once we’ve looked at the lifespan of this specialized compound, we’ll explain how you can maintain your window glazing to maximize the lifespan thereof. We’ll also look at the reglazing process and when this should be done!

Window Glazing: How Long Does It Last?

When a glass panel is installed within a window frame, a specialized putty is used to hold the glass in the panel. Of course, this process of installing a window with this putty is referred to as window glazing. Window glazing is done when a window is first installed. However, many homeowners are unsure regarding the lifespan of window glazing.

When a window glazing compound is properly installed within a window frame, it can last up to thirty years. However, for window glazing to last this long, it needs to be properly maintained. One aspect of this is general cleaning, while another aspect of this is window frame maintenance.

When a broken window is replaced, a window will need to be reglazed. However, homeowners have wondered whether it’s possible to replace just the window glazing. When the rest of the window frame and glass panel are in good condition, it is possible to reglaze windows. For this process to work, the glass pane must be intact, and the frame must be free of crack.

Once your windows have been reglazed, you can implement the appropriate maintenance measures. By maintaining your window glazing, you can ensure it lasts for more than two decades! Read on as we explain the essential basics of maintaining window glazing!

How To Maintain Window Glazing

As we mentioned above, maintenance is an integral part of extending the lifespan of window glazing compounds. However, many homeowners are unsure of the correct way to maintain this compound to maximize its lifespan.

To maintain window glazing, you need to regularly wash your windows. However, homeowners should avoid using hoses to do this, as this could negatively impact the seal between your window and the glazing compound. Instead, window surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and warm water. This cleaning can be done with a cloth or sponge.

However, window frame maintenance is just as important and is also often overlooked by homeowners. Window frames should also be regularly maintained to ensure they remain in good condition. As we explained, it is possible to reglaze windows where the glass pane and frame are in working condition.

Read on as we outline the reglazing process! These steps include an inspection of your window glazing to help determine whether your windows need to be reglazed. If you’re unsure whether reglazing is necessary, the first step will help you decide!

Reglazing Windows In 7 Steps

All windows will eventually need to be reglazed. From inspecting the condition of this compound to replacing it, you can reglaze your windows in seven simple steps!

Step One: Examine Your Window Glazing

If you’re considering reglazing your windows, you should first inspect the existing glazing. If you find there are only hairline cracks in the glazing, you won’t need to replace your glazing immediately. However, if you find sections of the glazing missing altogether, reglazing would be advised to ensure that your window seals properly and keeps the elements out.

Step Two: Remove Glass Pane

To reglaze a window, you’ll need to remove the glass pane. Ultimately, how this is done depends on the type of window you have. However, you’re sure to find plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to remove your glass pane. Alternatively, it’s possible to hire a professional to reglaze your windows to ensure it’s done correctly and lasts for more than thirty years.

Step Three: Remove Existing Glazing

To remove existing glazing, you’ll want to start chipping by the existing cracks and gaps. This will greatly simplify this process. This YouTube video details one of the easiest methods of removing old window glazing compounds!

Step Four: Examine Your Window Frame

As we explained, your window frame needs to be in good condition to ensure your glazing compound works correctly. Before you continue reglazing the window, you need to ensure that there are no cracks in your frame and that it is in good repair.

Step Five: Replace Glass Pane

If your glass pane is in good condition, this will be easy to replace. However, when fitting a new glass pane into your window, you’ll need to ensure the glass is cut to the right dimensions. Once the glass pane has been replaced, it can be reglazed.

Step Six: Reglaze Windows

It’s finally time to apply the glazing compound, which is a type of putty. Homeowners can buy this at any hardware store or order it online. You’ll also need a putty knife to apply this glazing compound to the window. The following YouTube video demonstrates the process of applying this glazing compound using a putty knife!

Step Seven: Repaint Window Glazing

Once a window has been reglazed, the compound will take up to a week to fully dry. Once the glazing has fully dried, you can decide whether or not you want to repaint this part of your window.


It is possible for window glazing to last up to thirty years when it is installed correctly. Window glazing needs to be properly maintained for it to last as long as possible. This includes regularly cleaning window surfaces and ensuring the frame remains in good condition.

While all windows will eventually need to be reglazed, improperly maintained windows will need to be reglazed prematurely. Luckily, reglazing is a simple process. Caution should be used when reglazing windows, as properly installing this compound will allow it to last for many years with routine maintenance.


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