Do You Have To Have Frosted Glass In Bathroom Windows?

There are many benefits to adding frosted glass into your home if that is what you desire. It can add style and personality to any room without sacrificing safety or security. When installed correctly, it will help provide both! 

Frosted glass has been around for decades, and it helps to make bathrooms feel more private, comfortable, and serene. You can use frosted glass or metal screening for your bathroom window; they both provide privacy and keep you from nosy neighbors peering into your home.

Are they vital? Well, yes and no. Suppose you want to keep your neighbors from seeing the bathroom window; it’s necessary for frosted glass windows. On the other hand, if you don’t care, you can probably get away with clear glass instead of frosted.The following reasons might persuade you to install frosted glass:

Ensure Privacy

Privacy is the one reason homeowners decide to install this type of glass on bathroom windows. A bathroom window with frosted glass provides additional privacy. If you live on the ground floor or close to the street and want comfort and peace of mind, consider installing frosted glass for your bathroom windows.

It also allows you to see outside but maintains some privacy. Furthermore, the privacy aspect of frosted glass is ideal if you often have guests over whom you don’t want to see inside your home.


Frosted glass is one of the thickest glasses available in the home-construction market because it is made with thicker glass. According to research, the likelihood of breakage is reduced by 50% when using this type of glass compared to regular bathroom windows.


Frosted glass allows for natural light to come in without compromising your privacy. The only downside is that the view isn’t as apparent; however, you can usually see enough to recognize someone.

Modesty or Aesthetics

If you don’t feel comfortable walking around your home without any clothes on and the bathroom door is not an option, adding frosted glass to your windows will give you the privacy that you need – as well as helping maintain a sense of modesty.

Help to Control Sound 

If you live close to the street or in an area with lots of sounds, installing frosted glass will help control it. Sound-proof windows are typically costly, but you can achieve a similar effect at an affordable price with frosted glass.

Important Factors to Consider When Installing frosted glass 

Before installing frosted glass to your bathroom windows, you must consider several factors such as;

1. How Much Light

Frosted glass is made by adding metal oxide to the molten glass, which makes it opaque. This process also prevents light from passing through it. If you like enough light coming into your bathroom during the day, you should consider clear glass. It prevents excessive sunlight from entering your home is also beneficial, even if you rarely use your bathroom during the day.

2. Maintenance

While it’s not as complicated as cleaning regular bathroom windows, you will still need to take the time to clean them at least once a month. You can save yourself some time by purchasing products designed explicitly for cleaning frosted glass.

3. Cost

The cost of installing frosted glass on your bathroom windows depends on the size of the window(s), location, and if you have any other windows in your bathroom. Typically, The average cost of frosted glass is around $50-$200 per pane. Keep in mind that if you want other windows in your bathroom to have this type of glass, the cost will be higher.

4. Energy Efficiency

Installing this type of glass on your bathroom windows will not impact your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re looking for ways to make your home’s bathroom windows more energy efficient, you should consider replacing your old and drafty windows with high-performance energy-efficient glass.

In addition, frosted glass requires less maintenance than regular bathroom windows.

Though not as efficient as solar panels or geothermal heating, the addition of these windows can help reduce heat loss in your home so that you won’t need to use air conditioning.

5. Consider Window Treatments

For example, if you have curtains on your windows, it might not make sense to use a textured or etched window because they do not provide privacy.

Alternative Solutions for Window Coverings in the Bathroom to Consider

If you’re not a fan of using frosted glass in your bathroom windows, there are other options to consider, such as:


These are some of the best alternatives because curtains are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and come in a wide variety of different colors. Also, you can look into purchasing energy-efficient ones that are designed to keep in heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.


If you don’t want curtains, consider adding shades to your bathroom windows. While not as effectively protecting from heat gain in the summer, they help block out some sunlight. Also, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors and styles when purchasing them.

Window films

 They help keep the bathroom warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but this solution can get costly.


These are another great option to consider because they’re not expensive, easy to install, and come in an array of colors. Plus, you can choose to open or close them depending on whether you need privacy.

Wooden shutters

Just like blinds, window shutters are a great option to consider because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They do require a bit more maintenance than blinds, but they will last you a long time.

Cons of Frosted Glass Windows in the Bathroom

  • One downside to using this type of window treatment is that it can be challenging to clean if you have a lot of condensation on the windowpane. You will have to clean these windows more frequently than regular ones because of their design, but they are simpler to clean than other types of glass.
  • It may reduce your home’s resale value.
  • If you’re not careful, it is easy to damage the glass. It can also be difficult and costly to repair if damages do occur.
  • Frosted glasses also tend to accumulate dust over time due to their porous nature, making it difficult to see out of at certain times.
  • Privacy isn’t ideal. Although frosted glass allows you to see outside, it doesn’t provide a lot of privacy from people who may repeatedly stare at your home.
  • They do not block out light like other window treatments, which can mean that your bathroom will be very bright during the day.
  • Maintenance is another downside of frosted glass because you’ll have to clean this more often than regular windows. If you choose to use this type of window treatment, you should look into purchasing a squeegee to help with your maintenance efforts.
  • Depending on the quality you buy and how carefully you maintain it, frost glass window types are costly.
  • The view outside your window will appear somewhat blurry because frosted glass diffuses light.

When to Replace Your Frosted Window Glass

If you decide that frosted glass is not the ideal type of window design for your bathroom, consider replacing them with traditional clear glass windows. 

Consider changing to clear glass windows because they look more modern and offer a better view of the outdoors whenever you’re looking to increase your home’s resale value. 

When you’re not interested in upgrading to clear glass, there are other types of window coverings that you can choose from that will also let you maintain your privacy.

Here’s How to Select the Best Window Covering for Your Bathroom

Clear glass windows are best for rooms that need natural sunlight. If you want to keep your bathroom cool in the summer, consider using shades or wooden.

Different Types of Frosting Glass

The beaded frosting often appears in the bathroom because of its privacy properties.

Etched glass is often used in bathrooms because it’s difficult to see through.


Frosted glass adds privacy to your bathroom windows which is why most homeowners choose this option. If you like the idea of having private bathrooms for yourself and your family, but don’t like the idea of not having a clear view once you step into the bathroom, consider using frosted glass for your bathroom windows. Frosted glass is not only for bathrooms; it can add privacy to any window in your home that you want to be private.


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