Cheap Way To Cover Patio Furniture

Cheap Way To Cover Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is an excellent asset to your home, whether you have a large veranda with sprawling gardens or a tiny balcony in a high-rise apartment. Enjoying something to drink on your patio is one of life’s little pleasures. But what about your outdoor furniture when it’s winter or not in use?

Diy covers are the cheapest way to cover patio furniture. Use weatherproof and breathable material. Treated polyester and canvas are the best options for patio furniture covers. Thrift stores and some retailers also supply ready-made covers at reasonable prices.

Have you invested in a good patio set but now discover you can’t just leave it exposed to the elements? You’ve maxed out your budget on your patio furniture but realize that you need covers to protect them. Something for which you didn’t budget! So how do you find a cost-effective way to cover them? Some methods are budget-friendly, as you will see.

Cheap Way To Cover Patio Furniture

Cost-Effective Ways To Cover Outdoor Furniture

There are several cheap ways to cover patio furniture. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could make your own. Shop around at fabric shops for bargains. Be sure to find fabric that is water resistant yet breathable. Making your covers may be the most cost-effective way to get coverings for your patio set.

Another way that will save you money is to improvise. We will look at ideas later in this article. Improvised covers may not be aesthetically pleasing, but they will still protect your furniture. They are just meant for when there are no other options.

If you have the time, browsing thrift stores might also be the way to go. Who knows what a great deal you may find!

Also, check your local newspapers for sales at various retail and furniture shops. Black Friday sales are also great for finding a good bargain on patio furniture covers. And don’t forget January sales. Many stores have amazing markdowns this time of the year.

But perhaps you can’t wait for a sale to come along. Here are a few other suggestions to cover patio furniture cheaply.

DIY Covers For Outdoor Furniture

Making your covers might be the cheapest if you can sew and are handy with a tape measure. Choosing the right fabric is essential. Suitable fabrics to use are lightweight canvas, vinyl, and treated polyester. Choose a fabric that is water-resistant yet breathable. The type of fabric used must not trap moisture underneath it. If water is trapped under the covers, it can lead to mold, especially with wood like bamboo and other softer woods.

There are a few ways to go about this. You can make a cover that covers the whole set, including the table and chairs or couches. You might also want to make individual covers for each chair and a separate cover for a table. However, making a cover for the whole set is probably the simplest way to do it.

Accurate measurements are essential. You will need:

  • A sewing machine
  • Strong thread
  • Treated material that is water resistant such as polyester or vinyl
  • Measuring tape
  • Optional Velcro  

Measure your material from the base of a chair to the highest point of the furniture. Next, measure across from the top of the chair over the table to the opposite chair and down to the floor.

If you are unsure how to get accurate measurements for your set, use newspaper sellotaped together and cut out a pattern. Cut the newspaper to the size of your furniture and work from there.

There are also youtube videos with specific instructions but remember, the simpler, the better. Avoid using zips as they can rust. If you make a fitted cover instead, use Velcro to secure the sides together.

What To Use To Cover Patio Furniture

Many retailers sell ready-made covers for your patio furniture. They are available for most sizes of patio furniture. Oversized covers are more practical as they cover whole sets such as tables and chairs. Some covers are universal, meaning they could fit a wide range of furniture. Others will be specifically shaped for your furniture. For example, an L-shaped patio set cover.

These should be made from durable, waterproof, or water-resistant material. It is essential though that the fabric is breathable. Keep this in mind to prevent a nasty surprise of mold growing under the covers. The fabric used is vital if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain and is damp.

If you make your own covers, a good fabric is PVC vinyl material. It’s lightweight yet strong. Using this fabric is easy, and one can sew through it quickly. Another option is lightweight canvas or material used for sails. A high-density polyester with a waterproof vinyl coating is also great to use.

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Cheap Way To Cover Patio Furniture

Cheap Ways To Improvise Patio Furniture Covers

A cheap way to make an improvised cover for your patio furniture is to use a tarp and duct tape. It is not the best-looking cover nor a long-term solution, but in an emergency, it works well. Drape the tarp over your patio furniture and secure it with duct tape.

Another quick and easy cover which won’t cost a fortune is to use a car cover. Car covers are water resistant and will protect your patio furniture adequately. You should be able to get a table and a few chairs under it, depending on the size of your outdoor furniture. Throw it over and tuck it underneath. It is also not very pretty, but it does the job!

Ready-Made Patio Furniture Covers

Lastly, it is possible to find cheap, ready-made patio furniture covers. Of course, you need to consider the shape and size of your set. Look for promotions and sales at places like Walmart. They stock a wide range of cost-effective covers.

Another place to look is on the Facebook marketplace. It is incredible the great deals you can find. So it’s worth spending some time looking at what’s on offer.

Another way to find cheap covers for a patio set is through thrift stores and garage sales. Remember, opt for a universal size if you buy a ready-made cover. But you may be lucky and find a cover specifically for your patio furniture.


It is possible to cover your patio furniture cheaply. With some forethought, you can find the best way to cover your outdoor furniture at the best possible price. Remember covering your furniture will save you money in the long run by protecting it from the weather. If it’s covered correctly, you can enjoy many years of use. Here’s to relaxing moments outside on your patio furniture!


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