What Are The Benefits Of Plantation Shutters?

Some of the best window treatments are plantation shutters. Many people wonder how they can make their interior more impressive. The answer is plantation shutters. If you are unsure about whether to invest in window shutters, here are some great reasons why many people don’t have second thoughts about purchasing these window dressings for their windows. 

Plantation shutters have many benefits. They provide privacy, block out light and sound, last a long time, add class and elegance to your home, are easy to clean, add value to your property, are thermal insulators, can be added outside windows, and come with a lifetime warranty on the entire setup.

Suppose you wonder if you’ll have any regrets about getting plantation shutters installed in your home or workspace. In that case, the only regret you will have is that they aren’t installed on all your windows if you choose to have them on some but not all. Here’s an in-depth look at the benefits of plantation shutters.

Benefits Worth Knowing About Plantation Shutters

Although plantation shutters may not be for everyone, considering how pricey they are, there are certainly plenty of benefits that outweigh whatever cons may be in your mind.

Plantation Shutters Are Great At Providing Privacy

One of the first and most well-known benefits that many people get plantation shutters installed is that they give privacy. Whether you have nosey neighbors or enjoy keeping to yourself, plantation shutters provide privacy in spades.

Privacy is especially a big thing nowadays, with crime on the rise. You can have peace of mind knowing that no one can see into your home to scope it out for a possible break-in. This is one of the benefits that you most probably expected as you want to be able to ensure that you can close the shutters, whether it is during the day or at night, and be assured that no one can see in.

Light Can Be Easily Blocked Out By Plantation Shutters

Daylight is great and is excellent at giving you warm fuzzy feelings. However, too much of it can be overkill, especially if you have eyes that are sensitive to light. Plantation shutters are handy as they allow you to control the sunlight that enters the room. You can even do so using a remote with some shutters. This is especially appealing as it is generally all or nothing with curtains.

You want to be able to know that you can block out sunlight when it becomes too much or when you just feel like resting in the dark, or for those movie marathons when you want to imitate the darkness found in movie theaters. Simply manipulate the light by angling the shutters up to make the light go up or down and straight ahead, so the light goes down or into the room full force.

Suppose you’re thinking that traditional blinds block out light too. Plantation shutters triumph blinds by leaps and bounds regarding the amount of light they block out. To give you an idea, when plantation shutters are pushed closed completely, the room will get incredibly pitch black.

Furthermore, suppose you really want the room to be completely black. In that case, plantation shutters are compatible with blackout blinds, which you can place behind them.

Plantation Shutters Are Durable

Another thing that you can be sure of is that your plantation shutters will not succumb to wear and tear easily. They are made of different material that is more durable than many window treatments. Therefore you can be assured that your plantation shutters will last for several years and still look as good as new in all that time.

To give you an idea, plantation shutters have lasted 3 to 4 times longer than any other window treatment. This is because there are no strings that get tangled up or blinds that suddenly fall off. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about having to fork out more money to replace them somewhat regularly as you would blinds.

Furthermore, plantation shutters will not fade because of the sun’s harmful rays. This cannot be said for all window coverings. This way, you know that your window dressings will maintain their bright color and still look brand new even after they have been installed for several years.

Plantation Shutters Look Aesthetically Pleasing   

Plantation shutters look not only fantastic on your windows but also look great as a standalone window treatment. Basically, they can be considered furniture. If you are trying to find a way to class up the rooms or windows in your home or workspace, look no further as plantations do all that and more.

Curtains are great. There’s no doubt that they come in various colors, textures, styles, patterns, etc. However, sometimes they don’t look as great from the outside. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, look great on the inside and outside.

They provide a very clean look to the outside of the house. So, if you want your windows to look classy, not just on the inside but on the outside too, this is the way to go. Plantation shutters not only add class but elegance to your home.

Plantation Shutters Come With A Full Lifetime Warranty

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. Plantation shutters generally come with a 5-year warranty, depending on the company. Still, some come with a full lifetime warranty on the complete setup. This is a major benefit considering how blinds almost always have one or two that disappoint you and jump ship, making your window look somewhat unbalanced.

Not only that, but the strings tend to get tangled up, which almost always leads to a blind falling out. A lifetime warranty guarantees you never have to worry about any of the above mishaps. And when the company says the warranty is on the full setup, they aren’t kidding. You can expect the casing, tilt rods, etc., to be under warranty.

Estate Agents Love Homes That Have Plantation Shutter

Another major benefit of having plantation shutters installed is the real estate value of your home. Interestingly, real estate agents view homes with plantation shutters to have a leg up over the ones that don’t. Not only that, but as a homeowner with plantation shutters installed, you are looking at a home value increase of a hefty amount depending on where you are situated.

Therefore, plantation shutters will help you sell your house should you wish to, and they also help you to get the most value out of the sale. No wonder estate agents prefer homes with plantation shutters as they add a sophisticated finish to any interior. Not only that, but they also add extra security to your homes as they are fixed window dressings.

Plantation Shutters Do An Excellent Job Blocking Out Sound

Suppose you live in the city or near a busy street. In that case, the noise level tends to be excessive and can become too much when you are trying to have some quiet downtime, are on a call, a meeting, or just want to sleep.

Fortunately, when you have plantation windows, your home becomes more of a sanctuary. This is because sounds coming from the outside get muffled by plantation shutters. All you need to do is firmly close them, and you can block out the noise and sounds from the outside, whether from traffic or rowdy neighbors. This means that you never have to worry about never having some peace of mind.

There Are Many Designs And Styles Of Plantation Shutters

If you’re worried that plantation shutters only come in one style or that you will have the same shutters as everyone else, think again. Plantation shutters not only have a timeless design that will probably never go out of fashion, but there have been many developments recently in their design and the materials used.

There are many materials, styles, finishes, etc., for you to choose from. Basically, a wide selection is guaranteed to meet what your heart desires. For example, plantation shutters are versatile in terms of louver size, the number of panels, colors, fringes, hinges, etc.

If you want shutters made out of solid wood to match the rustic look of your home, they are available. You are certainly spoilt for choice. Shutters, as opposed to drapes, can be customized to fit practically any window area, from tiny portholes to large bay windows, as well as from smooth, round shapes to acute angles.

Thermal Insulation Is Provided By Plantation Shutters

If you’re thinking the benefits can’t get any better, think again. Thermal insulation is another one of the benefits of having plantation shutters in your home or workspace.   Generally, during summer, the temperature differences when the shutters are open vs. when they are closed are significantly different. Therefore, plantation shutters provide massive energy savings for your home or workspace.

How? You don’t have to use a heater during winter, and you don’t have to use an aircon or fan in summer. It has become increasingly obvious that window coverings that insulate your home are a must, considering global warming and how the weather changes whenever it feels like it. With plantation shutters, you can expect the heat to be kept in and the cold to be kept out.

Simply put, plantation shutters will insulate your place in winter and keep things cool during those hot summer days. Therefore, it is time to jump on that plantation shutters trend if you want an energy-efficient window treatment.

Plantation Shutters Are Also Available For The Exterior

There aren’t many window treatments that are available for the interior and the exterior. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are. They come in custom design to ensure they will fit windows of different shapes and sizes. Exterior plantation shutters on windows make the interior space of your home or workspace appear bigger and more spacious.

They also look incredible as they are situated on the outside. Window shutters can shield windows from severe weather events like a hailstorm and strong winds, which can shatter or break glass windows. In fact, they can stop burglaries from happening. Most burglars won’t bother trying to get into a house with strong window shutters because doing so would enhance their chances of being detected.

Plantation Shutters Are Easy To Clean And Provide Security

Plantation shutters are excellent if cleanliness is a top priority. Heavy weight curtains can be difficult to remove, and they frequently need to be removed for a few days to be cleaned. This is considerably more labor-intensive than quickly wiping down the louvers.

Plus, when curtains get cleaned regularly, as is the case, they start to get wear and tear and do not look as brand new or as nice as they first did. This is because threads start coming loose, etc. The same cannot be said about plantation shutters. Because you simply wipe them down or use a dust cloth to clean them, you do not have to worry about them getting ruined.

Furthermore, while those curtains are carefully cleaned, your windows are left wide open to the public, including nosy neighbors and potential intruders. In comparison, plantation shutters are fixed window treatments that need not be removed to be cleaned. This means less hassle, and you are not left exposed.

Additionally, shutters collect far less in the form of pests and dust mites. This is especially crucial if you have allergies, as those can become a problem.


One of the most well-liked window treatments with several styles is plantation shutters. Additionally, plantation shutters are ideal for lowering the temperature in the summer and keeping the area warm in winter. Plantation shutters are a wonderful improvement for your house that also improves seclusion.

The benefits of getting plantation shutters in your home can be both immediate and long-term. If you want to know if they are truly worth installing, then the benefits mentioned above should prove to you how good of an investment plantation shutters are.


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