How to Remove a Beehive From a Balcony

How to Remove a Beehive From a Balcony

Bees are an important part of the global ecosystem, and everyone knows that bees are among the most critical species on the planet, but these insects can be frustrating when they move into places that can be dangerous for people. For example, bees that have set up a hive or colony on a balcony can pose a serious problem.

Removing swarming or scouting bees from a balcony can be done with controlled smoke or a constant spray of water. Bees that have established a hive should only be removed by a professional with the relevant skills and equipment. Never attempt to remove wild bees yourself.

If your balcony has become a come to a colony of bees, it is important to handle the situation very carefully. Relocating the bees without harming them is critical, and keeping the bees from harming you, your family, and your pets is crucial as well. Let’s explore the options for dealing with bees that have moved in near a balcony.

How to Remove a Beehive From a Balcony

How To Deter Bees From your Balcony

Before we discuss the option of what to do when a swarm of bees has set up a permanent hive on your balcony, let’s first look at what to do if bees are swarming your balcony, scouting the area for a hive location, or are beginning to form some form of construction on your balcony.

The good news is that bees that do not have an established structure can be deterred relatively easily before they set up their home. If bees have formed a structure, any honeycomb, or a fully-fledged hive, they will not leave on their own, and getting rid of them can be very challenging.

However, if the bees are simply scouting the area or looking for a place to build their home, you can safely deter them from the area by using some simple methods.

Use Controlled Smoke

The best, safest, and easiest way to deter a swarm of bees that are trying to establish a home near your house or on your balcony is to use controlled smoke to deter them from the area.

Smoke is a natural bee deterrent, as these creatures will not set up a home that is likely to be burned down, so they will naturally move away from an area and not establish a hive where they sense smoke.

The best way to deter bees with some smoke to fashion some form of controllable fire or smoking embers and cause the smoke to drift over where the bees are swarming or scouting.

If you have a barbeque or smoker on your balcony, build a fire and place leaves or wet wood into it to cause as much smoke as possible, and direct the smoke toward the bees It would be useful to tell your neighbors and building management you are doing this to avoid visits from the fire department though! .

If smoking the bees in this way is not a viable option for you, build a small fire inside a non-combustible container, such as an empty soup can or even a baking tray, and place materials that cause smoke into it, such as leaves or even paper.

Direct any smoke that you can create toward the bees, and they are very likely to vacate the area after only a few minutes.

If the bees have not yet established any structure in the area, they are likely to leave ad not return at all. If they do return, simply repeat the process until they stop coming back. This may take 2 or 3 attempts ( if you have a particularly attractive balcony to bees!)

Use Water

Another food way to deter bees from establishing a hive on your balcony is to spray them with a constant stream of gentle water. Bees cannot fly (well) in the rain, and if they have not yet established a hive or any comb structure, the water will cause them to leave the area.

However, if you do not keep up the stream of water for a good while, preventing the bees from flying in the area and forcing them to move on, the bees will come back very quickly after the water stops.

A good way to do this is to set up a sprinkler on the balcony, directed to the area that the bees are interested in, and leave it there for the entire day. Alternatively, stand on the balcony and direct a stream of water from a garden hose to the bees and the area where they are swarming. You could also try a pato mister or misting fan if you have one.

You may have to stand there for a long while, but it is a safe way to deter the bees from the area.

If water and smoke do not work to get the bees to move on, they have likely already established some form of structure or comb, and the scenario becomes very different.

How to Remove a Beehive From a Balcony

What To Do If Bees Have Established A Nest On Your Balcony

If bees of any type have established a hive or any honeycomb on your balcony, the insects will not leave on their own, and water and smoke may not be enough to move them away from the area, especially if a queen bee has moved in, or if there are any bee brood in the structure.

The truth is that the best way to remove bees from your balcony or any other area of your home, especially if they have established even a small hive, is to contact a professional bee removal expert, apiarist, or beekeeper.

Attempting to remove bees o your own without the proper understanding, skills, equipment, or techniques can be dangerous for you, your family, your pets, your neighbors and of course the bees.

Bees have been known to seriously injure and even kill people who seriously disturb their hives. Removing any number of established bees from any location, therefore, requires special skills and equipment to do safely.

No amount of thick clothing can protect you from swarming bees, and without proper understanding, you are likely to be seriously injured when attempting to remove the bees yourself.

Every city and town in the world has some form of bee professional; even if they are not true apiarists, there is always someone with the proper equipment to remove the bees safely. Contact these professionals to remove the bees from your home.

The best news here is that most beekeepers will remove the bees for free, so long as they get to keep the bees. This is an ideal outcome, as the bees will be safely removed from your home, and they will be carefully relocated to continue producing honey and serving the local ecosystem without hindrance.

Contacting a bee professional of some kind is always the best way to deal with any type of bee infestation, regardless of how many bees there are or where the bees are located

The ABF – the American Bee Keeping Federation, can help with all bee issues in the United States, and if you are reading this from elsewhere there will undoubtedly be similar federations or societies in your home country.

We also have ore on balconies here on the site, you can do a search or check out the list below.


Bees that have not yet established a fully-fledged home on your balcony can be safely removed with controlled smoke or consistent water coverage, but bees that are established should only be removed by a professional.

If bees have established a home on your balcony, remain calm and give the bees a wide berth until a professional is able to assess the situation and remove the bees safely. Never attempt to remove any bees on your own in any circumstances.


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