How Do You Waterproof A Pizza Oven

How Do You Waterproof A Pizza Oven?

Pizza ovens are made in multiple shapes and sizes and can be made from many different materials. However, every pizza oven must be protected from moisture and wet, especially if used outside. Which they mostly are. Without properly waterproofing a pizza oven, it will not last very long. This leads many pizza oven owners to wonder what the best method is for waterproofing a pizza oven.

To waterproof a pizza oven, heat the oven thoroughly over a few days to release any tapped moisture from the oven. Clean the oven well to remove dirt and debris. Fill in any cracks and gaps in the oven and cover it with a weatherproof sealant designed for the material the oven is made of.

There are several universal steps to waterproofing a pizza oven, regardless of the material it is made from. Every pizza oven must be sealed and waterproofed well to function correctly, and learning how to seal a pizza oven is critical for everyone who owns one.

Let’s learn how to waterproof a pizza oven to keep it lasting as long as possible and functioning well.

How Do You Waterproof A Pizza Oven

How To Waterproof A Pizza Oven

Waterproofing a pizza oven protects it from rain, dew, moisture, and damp. This keeps the pizza oven structurally sound, keeps it lasting for as long as possible, and improves and maintains the functionality of the oven.

A pizza oven that is not waterproof will not heat up to ideal cooking temperatures. Any moisture trapped in the oven will act as convection cooling and sap heat from the oven as quickly as it is generated.

If a pizza oven is not protected from wet, it will not function well and will not last well. For these reasons, it is critical to learn how to waterproof an oven like this, regardless of how it is constructed.

Here are the steps you must follow to waterproof a pizza oven correctly, ensuring that the protection will work well and last a long time.

1. Dry The Pizza Oven Over Time

Begin the process of waterproofing your pizza oven by ensuring that the oven is completely dry, inside and out, including drying any moisture trapped within the construction of the oven.

The best way to dry a pizza oven is to light a small fire in the oven daily and let it burn for a few hours. After two days, increase the size of the fire and repeat for three days. On the fifth day, light a large fire and repeat for two days.

This slow process will burn out any moisture trapped in the pizza oven and prepare it to be waterproofed.

If you seal a pizza oven with moisture trapped in it, the moisture will turn to steam when you use the oven, damaging the finish, breaking the waterproofing, or even causing severe cracks in the pizza oven itself.

2. Clean The Pizza Oven Well

Once the pizza oven is dried well, clean it by brushing off any dirt and debris that may have settled on it.

Keep a hot fire lit in the oven, and clean off any particularly dirty spots with a damp cloth. Be careful not to let the oven get too wet during the process.

Lighting a hot fire in the oven and waiting for it to warm up the oven is the best way to keep moisture from re-entering the structure of the oven while you clean it.

3. Seal Cracks And Gaps

Before sealing the oven for waterproofing, inspect the oven for any cracks. Cracks are the quickest way for moisture to re-enter the pizza oven and cause damage over time.

The same is true for any gaps in the construction of the oven. These could be where parts of the oven are joined together or even between the base of the oven and its stand.

Take the time to inspect the oven for cracks and gaps, and seal them with a high-temperature concrete filler. Use a putty knife and press the filler into the cracks. Allow the crack filler to dry completely before proceeding.

It is best to seal every crack and gap that you find, regardless of how small it is.

Make the filler as soon as possible, and sand down any excessive bumps once the filler has dried. This will make the waterproofing process easier and more effective.

4. Apply An Appropriate Sealant

When the pizza oven is dry, clean, and has no more cracks or gaps, it is time to make it waterproof.

This is achieved by applying an appropriate sealant to the pizza oven. The sealant you use should be based on the material the oven is made from.

For example, sealants for concrete ovens may not work well for sealants for sealing brick ovens, and vice versa. Take the time to explore the sealants available at your local hardware store, and choose an appropriate product.

Cover the pizza oven with the sealant as directed by the product packaging.

Ensure that you cover the entire exterior of the oven with the sealant, and focus on the cracks and gaps you filled in earlier.

Apply a second coat of sealant to the pizza oven, if necessary, along with the sealant to dry in between coats.

5. Let The Sealant Dry Completely

Once the sealant is applied to the pizza oven, allow it to dry completely. Do not light any fires in the oven until it has completely dried, and try to keep the oven’s exterior as dry as possible.

This means protecting the oven from rain and dew and only applying the sealant during the hottest, driest part of the day.

The sealant may require several days to fully cure, but once it has been tried completely, it will keep your pizza oven protected from moisture and wet for up to a year before the oven needs to be resealed.

How Do You Waterproof A Pizza Oven


Waterproofing a pizza oven is critical for its longevity and effectiveness. Without sealing a pizza oven correctly, it will never maintain heat well and will not last very long.

Take your time when waterproofing a pizza oven, as the process must be done correctly to be as effective as possible. All pizza ovens must be sealed well, and how well the process is done determines how well it will be sealed.


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