Best Balcony Privacy Screens

Best Balcony Privacy Screens

If you want privacy on your balcony, specifically something that looks aesthetically attractive and gives you as much seclusion as possible, there are many solutions available. We have put together a detailed list of the best balcony privacy screens for you to choose from.

The best balcony privacy screens are artificial ivy leaf trellis, expandable artificial leaf fences, polyester material stands, bamboo reed fences, UV-stabilized HDPE screens, heat-absorbing tinted glass, and shade cloths. The balcony privacy screen should be seclusive, durable, and attractive.

The type of balcony privacy screen you get will depend on your available space, style, and theme, how it will have to be installed, and whether you are looking for a temporary or durable screen that can withstand the sun and other weather conditions. We will discuss that further in the article.

Best Balcony Privacy Screens

What is The Best Balcony Privacy Screen?

Several balcony privacy screens work wonderfully. There is no one best type because it would depend on what you are looking for that would suit the requirements of your space.

You would need to fit the privacy screen with your style, the size of your balcony, and the type of balcony and ensure that it is durable. The most recommended type would be any screen that can be sustainable for long-term use without being an eye-sore to your balcony and overall space.

If you have a glass balcony you may need to consider privacy more seriously, especially if in high density apartments.

The Best Balcony Privacy Screens

There is a wide range of balcony privacy screens available on the market. Before choosing, ensure to go through the details of each screen so you can get the most out of the product you pick.  

Here is a list of the best balcony privacy screen: 

Artificial Ivy Leaf Trellis

The artificial ivy leaf trellis or hedge roll is a lovely way to create a green garden on your balcony that provides seclusion. The leaves are UV protected, realistic, and attached to a willow fence. It is easy to install and can get the job done quickly. The trellis doesn’t require maintenance and lasts for years. 

The artificial hedge is made of durable and tough UV-stabilized material. You can use it long-term, and it is also waterproof and fade-resistant. The artificial leaves give the effect of a peaceful green garden and look aesthetically attractive.

The leaves are a plastic and fabric material. They can withstand rain and sunlight, and you can dust them easily. They are woven onto a willow expanding trellis panel.

The artificial leaf trellis provides sufficient privacy. It doesn’t cover it entirely, but once you install it, you can hardly see through it, especially if your balcony is on a higher floor. Unless you want a screen that covers totally, the trellis will give you just the seclusion you need for your balcony.

Expandable Artificial Leaf Screen 

The expandable artificial leaf fence is similar to the leaf trellis providing an aesthetically pleasing green garden effect with privacy for your balcony. When fully closed, it offers full coverage, and when it is fully expanded, there is some visibility (not enough for your neighbors to see right through or know what you are doing.

The fence is made with high-quality products. It has wooden rods and environmentally friendly faux leaves. The leaves are realistic and give you the feel of being in nature. It attaches easily to most balconies. The leaves stay green all year round. It has multiple uses, and if you stop using it on your balcony, you can upcycle it in your home.

You can choose from dark green and light green in most places where the product is available. The fencing is fully expandable, giving you value for your money because a couple of pieces can sort out your whole balcony (depending on the size of your balcony).

The leaves are made with stabilized polyethylene material making them water and sunlight-resistant every season. It helps block most UV rays and provides you with the necessary privacy.

Heat Absorbing Tinted Glass 

Tinted glass is an excellent option for building a balcony from scratch. It absorbs heat, prevents UV rays, and helps with privacy to a certain extent. You don’t want overly reflective glass as that can cause a fracture and make your space hotter from the sun.

For existing glass balconies, you can add tints; however, you might need permission from your landlord before attempting that. Tinted glass will not provide a lot of privacy but will give you enough seclusion that your space is not entirely transparent.

We have an article going into the options for glass balconies here and toughened and laminated glass differences and choices here on the site

Shade Cloth 

Shade cloth, more commonly known as a shade sail, is a mesh-like fabric that provides shade from the sun. People use it for car parks and over garden areas to create shade. You get shade cloth pieces for balcony screening. They help keep the sun out and give you sufficient privacy.

You can even use shade cloth on the top of the balcony to create a sail if you want to enclose your space entirely. Always get permission for that if you are staying on rented property. 

You can block wind, dust, rain, and sun with a shade cloth. 

Shade cloth will give your balcony full coverage so you can have proper privacy. Your neighbors might be able to see shadows in the sun and when the lights are switched on at night, but they will not be able to see through the fabric.

Polyester Material Stands 

Polyester stands are one of the lesser chosen privacy screens because they don’t attach to the balcony. They have steel structures that allow them to stand alone. People avoid them because they take up extra floor space and are like furniture. High-speed strong winds can blow them down.

The stands do provide a good privacy screen. You can get one if you want to close only one side of your balcony or get a couple to put all around your space. It provides full coverage, giving you all the seclusion you need. 

It is an excellent option when you prefer something you can easily move around if your balcony doesn’t allow for attachments, if you have a larger balcony, or if it is your preferred style.

Bamboo Reed Fence 

A bamboo reed fence is another excellent option for a balcony privacy screen. It is thin and lightweight, and you can purchase a roll (making it easy to maneuver and install). It gives your balcony a beautiful aesthetic appearance and has a rustic, natural vibe.

It is not difficult to clean because you can easily dust and wipe it down with a cloth. It provides shade and conceals your balcony view.

Best Balcony Privacy Screens

UV-Stabilized HDPE Screen

An HDPE screen comes in a roll-up curtain-like function. The material is UV stabilized and can be attached to any type of balcony. It gives full coverage and is easy to install. It is made of tough, durable material that can withstand temperatures and natural elements like rain, wind, and sun. The screen is lightweight and long-lasting, giving you value for your money.

Best Balcony Privacy Screens


Plants might not necessarily be a screen; however, they provide some form of seclusion. If you have many plants and set them up against the balcony railing, using various hanging tools, shelves, and layers, you can create a screen effect.

We have a full article here on the best tall plants for balconies to help you choose which ones may help provide privacy as well as greenery to your balcony.

The plants will reduce visibility into your balcony and give you the vibe of being in nature. It will create a garden balcony, and you can enjoy partial privacy. You can use artificial plants instead of real natural plants if you don’t want the maintenance that comes with taking care of plants.

How To Choose Balcony Privacy Screens?

Before choosing a privacy screen for your balcony, there are some factors that you should take into account. Let’s take a look at those factors:

Privacy Screens Should Provide Enough Privacy

Since we are discussing balcony privacy screens, of course, you want to get a product that will give you the seclusion that suits you. Some people don’t mind a little transparency, while others want to be entirely secluded. It all depends on the amount of privacy you are looking to attain. Not all privacy screens offer total privacy; find what works for your needs and desires in your space.

Keep in mind that any other balcony or home around yours that is on a higher floor will still be able to see into your balcony unless you have closed it off with a shade sail. (If you are in a rented place, always ask permission from your home management if that is allowed). Balconies in line and below yours will be excluded from seeing your space, giving you a certain level of privacy.

Privacy Screens Should Be Durable

Durability is a necessary factor to consider when choosing a privacy screen. It must be heat absorbent, UV-stabilizing, non-reflective, and withstand different weather temperaments like rain and wind.

If your privacy screen can easily blow away with the wind, gets rusted, or spoiled with rain and sun, it will not last long and will need to be replaced often. Reflective screens can cause fractures in the glass. Ensure that you purchase and install a good-quality balcony privacy screen.

Privacy Screens Should Be Aesthetically Attractive

The style and color of your privacy screen should preferably match your overall style, patio furniture, and any color scheme you might have. The color should not be overbearing that looking at your balcony from inside makes you uneasy – especially if you spend a lot of time in that indoor space. Whether you like something funky, or one that is more soothing, it still needs to blend in. 

Best Balcony Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens Should Be Easy Maintenance

Another factor you want to consider before buying and installing a privacy screen is if you can maintain it efficiently. Cleaning a balcony can be tricky, especially if it is a small space. You want to consider whether getting on that stands on the floor is worth moving each time you clean. Fabric will need to be washed, and artificial leave fences and tricky to clean.

If you use plants, you need to move the pots around, clean up sand, fallen leaves, flowers, etc. If you want something quick and simple with minor maintenance, then finding the perfect privacy balcony screen for you might be more challenging – especially if you want something aesthetically pleasing.

Do You Need A Balcony Privacy Screen?

Most people do not need a balcony privacy screen. It is primarily a personal choice. If you like some extra privacy while chilling on your balcony, or maybe you have dressing restrictions but still want to be free in your space, then the privacy screen is for you.

Some people get privacy screens to block sun and heat to a certain extent, and others get them for aesthetic reasons. Balcony privacy screens are not requirements but rather a personal choice.

Pros Of Getting A Balcony Privacy Screen

Of course, with every product come pros and cons. Here are the pros of installing a privacy screen:

  • It might be obvious, but privacy! Balconies can feel intrusive, especially if you live in an apartment building. A privacy screen won’t seclude your balcony entirely but will give you some form of privacy.
  • Protection from sun and heat. If your balcony gets plenty of direct sunlight, it can sometimes be damaging to your furniture and even get too hot. Privacy screens provide some relief and protection.
  • It looks cute. Privacy screens make your space attractive and feel homely. Depending on your screen type, your balcony can look sophisticated, pretty, or super funky. It all depends on your style and setup.

Cons Of Getting A Balcony Privacy Screen 

It wouldn’t be real life if there were no cons to installing a product. Here are some of the cons of getting a balcony privacy screen:

  • It can be challenging to install. Some privacy screens can be challenging to install, especially if your balcony is built-in in specific shapes or does not accommodate attaching the screens.
  • It takes more maintenance. Privacy screens will need to be cleaned as you clean the glass or railings. If you have a standing screen, you will have to move it around.
  • Can change the outer look of the space. A privacy screen can look beautiful inside the balcony but looks weird or untidy outside the building or home.

We have loads of information and articles on shading your outdoor space, while a search will help checking out the articles linked below is also a good way to start.


A balcony privacy screen is a good investment if you want to enjoy some seclusion and possibly have an attractive space.

After reviewing the detailed list of privacy screens and additional information above, you can make the most informed decision based on your overall requirements.


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