What Tools Do You Need To Renovate A House?

Many homeowners dream of a home remake, and many more actually do it. Renovating a house is a popular sitcom theme with hilarious comic blunders. Do-it-yourself home remodeling shows are equally fun to watch. The right tools make the difference between enjoyable or stressful house renovation projects.    

Seven power tools can do a house renovation. With plumbing, electrical, and masonry devices, power tools make the job faster, safer, and better. Power tools are dependent on your budget and are a worthwhile investment. You’ll save money on jobs that you do yourself.

The tools you need for a home revamp depend on what you want to do – different jobs require different tools. You can do most house renovations with a handheld angle grinder, an impact driver, a drill driver, a cordless demolition hammer, a circular saw, and an air compressor. Just switch on the power, and see how easy it is.

Seven Tools For Home Renovations

Speak to any DIY enthusiast and even small-scale house renovating entrepreneurs. Much of the work they do is done with zero effort. Almost anything you want to renovate can be done with a handheld power tool, often strapped to a waist tool belt. And, be sure, someone has designed a tool for any job you want to do faster than you can imagine.

With the right power tools, you soon will be unable to resist a weekend’s house renovation. Even forsake television! With a few power tools, you can renovate a kitchen, build a deck, or remake a bedroom or a bathroom. Whether a hobbyist or a keen DIY fanatic, a set of power tools will have you offer to do friends’ houses too.    

Here’s a list of seven power tools that make renovation a breeze:

  • Angle Grinder Or Cutting Tool
  • Handheld Impact Driver
  • Handheld Drill Driver
  • Cordless Or Corded Demolition Hammer
  • A Circular Or Skill Saw
  • A Mitre Or Chop Saw
  • A Compressor

1. Angle Grinder Or Cutting Tool

When the renovation bug bites, there’s little to stop. Except for the costs if you have to contract the project and bring someone in to do the jobs. So why don’t you opt to do the renovation on your own? Renovating your home is a fun project, big and small, and there are many tools, like an easy-to-use handheld grinder that’ll save you money on labor too!

The grinder is the best tool to use as a cutting tool. It doesn’t need to be a heavy-duty or large grinder. A simple handheld one can do most of the jobs you plan to do in a kitchen, a bathroom, or a bedroom and even build a garden shed. The tool is lightweight and easy to use. And what’s good is that the grinder has a quick on-off switch. Though, like with all power tools, wear safety glasses.

The cutting tool or handheld grinder has versatility. You can change the blades for different functions. The blades can quickly be taken out, swopped, and refitted. With a quick change of blades, you’ll be able to cut other materials (see below). And you can cut the edges of boards, personalize moldings, and get good contour fits!

Versatility And Dexterity

Handheld angle grinders cut through masonry, stone, brick, and metal. The nifty cutters have a variety of blades to use and make home renovation a breeze. And when you’re tiling, you can easily cut through ceramic and porcelain tiles – one of those tricky affairs when the floor space needs you to scale down on the tile sizes.

The grinder creates a quick and neat trim for most DIY jobs you plan to renovate. From the kitchen splash cover tiling to a fancy bedroom ceiling or bathroom shelving. The different blades offer different options. And, it’s easy to customize the grinder for precisely what you’d want to cut.

You might want to do away with a bit of rebar sticking out of concrete that you put in it in to support the structure. The rebar might be too long and needs to be cut. The nifty wheel grinder will do the job in a tick! So too, when tiling needs to be cut, the grinder does it in a flash. You know, when you are working around an electrical plug, and you want the tiling perfect. The grinder works best.

The blades on the grinders vary in size and according to their uses. The materials you will be grinding through will determine the kinds of blades. Some blades have an abrasive diamond-edging to streamline the grinding process. Also, give neat edgings to the materials you’ll be cutting through.

2. A Handheld Impact Driver

The list of areas to remake in a house is extensive. DIY enthusiasts get a thrill from coming up with ideas for a kitchen, a dining room, or a living room. You can add on a walk-in pantry. There is often plenty to redo in a bedroom and a bathroom. And if you’ve dreamt of that craft room, you can do that too.

A handheld impact driver is one of those first buys. You will never want to do anything without using this clever innovation. The impact driver is used as a screwdriver. The impact driver has different functions from the handheld drill driver (see below). These are different but definitely the kinds of power tools you need.

Much of the work you will be doing as a home renovator will mean that you might consider adding on or building an area from scratch. You must ensure the structures are steady and firm and

use the right power tools. The impact driver can drive a long screw into thick wood – an excellent task-orientated tool when putting up beams or making rafters.

One of the stand-out functions of an impact driver is its speed. Speed is necessary when you have a vast area to cover and want to work at a fast pace. The impact driver can forcefully drive screws into thicker pieces of wood. The impact driver makes the work easy. 

3. A Handheld Drill Driver

As seen above, the drill driver and the impact driver differ in terms of the force at which you can do jobs. Though you can use an impact driver as a screwdriver, this is done at a lower speed. But you can use drill drivers to drive ordinary screws into the woodwork. Yet not with the same impact as an impact driver. A handheld drill is better suited to drill holes.

Both impact drivers and drill drivers have magnetic bits that are easily fitted. With the drill driver, you can also fit a socket wrench. The drilling function makes this tool a sought-after one – the size of the drill bit will determine how fast and deep you can drill. But you will be able to screw anything to the wall!

The handheld impact driver (see above) and the drill driver come as cordless (battery operated) or with a substantial cord. Personal preferences usually suggest which of the two kinds you choose. But their functionality is no different.

4. Cordless Or Corded Demolition Hammer

Hammering away at a wall, even just a planter wall you need to knock down to extend a patio, can be a long and exhausting job. But with a cordless or even a corded demolition hammer, the project is easy and done without strain. A demolition hammer is a simple tool. And, you will no longer sit for hours with a 5-pound hammer and the noise of lots of banging and bashing! 

Some demolition hammers are fitted with blades. The blades are fitted vertically for that direction of cutting or horizontal. Yes, you can cut down a wall! You can cut along the mortar lines in brickwork. You can even adjust the blades to a position that’s upside down!

A demolition hammer is a useful power tool to break down walls, cut openings in existing walls for new doors, make a walk-in closet, and much more. The demolition hammer can cut out tiles from areas you want to retile. Or even do precision trimmings on flooring. A demolition hammer has different bits – some pointed and flat ones too.

Many DIY enthusiasts actually choose to invest in a demolition hammer first. Almost like a paper cut-out model, they sit back in a room, think of a new space, and just then and there add a new dimension to a room. This is primarily to do away with unnecessary walls and to create an open-plan living or living-dining and even stylish living-dining and modern kitchen spaces.

5. A Circular Or Skill Saw  

Nothing more rewarding than cleaning out a garage and getting what you want to keep packed into a garden shed. The paint cans and wood stacked against the wall can be moved to a garden shed. This will allow you some space to renovate the garage for the kids’ bicycles and even some of that exercise equipment that you are not ready to toss out.

And many DIY enthusiasts will agree that it’s one of those most rewarding projects to build a shed. You can do this with the most straightforward tools – a skill saw or circular saw and a standard 7 ¼-inch blade. A circular saw can function as a portable table saw. The saw is useful as one can also cut 45-degree angles. Some of these saws work with 20-volt batteries.

A feature that stands out on the circular saw is the ability the saw has to cut at different depths. The blade’s depth can cut from zero to the saw’s maximum. This is useful if you are cutting different thicknesses of wood.

6. A Mitre Or Chop Saw

The mitre saw, or as it’s also known, the chop saw, is a much-prized power tool for beginners and for cabinet makers. You can get different kinds of chop saws with a 12-inch compound mitre, the most commonly used by novices and more advanced woodworking enthusiasts. Some of the saws can swivel to both sides, making cutting wood from different angles easier.

Primarily a mitre saw is invested in for its precision cuts and professional finish. This saw is used for cutting wood trims and moldings. The saw comes into its own in making kitchen cabinets and storage units. These cabinets, shelving, and storage spaces are necessary additions to any renovating home project.      

These saws are not the typical sliding ones. Also, mitre saws are good to make inside or underneath deck framing. This part of the deck is usually clad and not seen.

7. A Compressor

You might be wondering why exactly you should be investing in a compressor. But you can’t go wrong by deciding to invest in one. You might associate it with a largescale production set-up. But a compressor used in house renovations is invaluable once you know how to use one. A compressor has a wide range of uses.

Most compressors are used to drive power tools. This means that you can get more from the uses of your power tools. Some even say, push the limits of the services of power tools! There are petrol and electric air compressors for home renovation projects. Big or smaller tasks can be done, and a compressor doubles power tools’ power. 

The pressured air is used for perfectly finished spray painting jobs. This is sometimes all old melamine kitchen cabinets need. Or what you can do to revamp bathroom cabinets or even add spunk to built-in bedroom wardrobes! Spray painting with a compressor can be used for a contemporary look. With a spray of paint, most fitted units in a house can give a place an almost instant remake!

Power-up Power Tools

Compressors have many functions, and for home renovators, the pressure cleaning functions can easily remove mold and stains from old tiles to give a patio a new look. You won’t need to retile. Repainting a house’s exterior is also a good renovation project. As most house designers say, paint can change the look of a house.

Most compressors are used in construction to boost drills, sanders, hammers, and grinders. You can use the compressors for compactors. You can also use a compressor when leveling the earth for paving. You can also hire different power tools to attach to a compressor – you don’t have to own a range of tools.

And the most innovative gadget yet is a palm nailer that works with a compressor. You can drive a nail in quickly by holding the palm nailer up against a wall in your palm! Other uses for compressors are stapling methods – crown staplers and floor staplers.  


No DIY job will ever be the same once you master the use of these seven power tools. One of the key functions of renovating a house is to make the project simple. Renovating a home will take on new meaning based on the ease with which the tasks are done. In combination and with the addition of a compressor, the projects will be a breeze.

With the right tools, embark on a thrilling and exciting DIY planning and renovating journey. No need for run-down old houses! You will see your friends’ reactions to the speed and professionalism with which these projects are done.


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