How Much Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor BBQ Island

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor BBQ Island

No outdoor living space is complete without a BBQ island, or cooking area for those family and friends get togethers. For anyone considering building a BBQ island, one of the most fundamental questions is: how much is it likely to cost?

The cost of building an outdoor BBQ island varies from $150 to $10 000 (or more), with the average price being about $300 to $1000. Cost factors include the materials (for the frame, sides, and countertops) and the design features (such as sinks and electrical appliances) and are down to individual taste and budget.

Before you build your ideal outdoor BBQ island, it’s vital to consider how much it will cost! To help you figure this out, let’s look at the various cost factors and options involved in building a BBQ island.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor BBQ Island

Making An Outdoor BBQ Island: How Much Does It Cost?

The costs involved in building an outdoor BBQ island (also called a grill station) vary dramatically. It is possible to construct a BBQ island for as little as $150 or as much as $10 000 (and much more). However, the average cost to build a simple BBQ island is roughly $500 and $1000. 

Three principal factors determine the cost of building a BBQ island:

  • the types of materials used,
  • the design,
  • labor costs (if you’re not doing the building).

Labor Costs

Perhaps the first cost factor to consider is labor. Do you intend to build the entire BBQ island by yourself (or with free assistance from friends), or do you plan to employ the services of a professional during the project?

Depending on your DIY expertise and vision for the BBQ island, you might need to budget for the services of a professional.

As with every aspect of a grill station building project, the cost of hired labor depends on the unit’s materials, size, and features. The cost of hiring labor to build your BBQ island (or to install specific components) also varies drastically according to your location and the contractor’s rates.  



The types of materials used to make an outdoor BBQ island have a significant influence on the overall costs of the building process.

An exceedingly broad diversity of materials are suitable for making a BBQ island. Some of the most widely-used materials for building the primary structure and panels of BBQ islands include:

  • metal (steel and aluminum),
  • wood,
  • cinder blocks,
  • patio stones,
  • natural stones,
  • bricks.

These materials have different budget implications. Their physical characteristics and visual qualities are also unique. Consequently, selecting materials to make your BBQ island involves finding the optimal balance between cost, aesthetics, and functionality.

Aluminum and steel BBQ island panels and cabinets have a clean, sleek look. The metals are expensive and, in most cases, more challenging to work with than other materials for making BBQ islands. Steel and aluminum are less resistant to the elements and may rust over time, unlike stone, concrete, or brick.

Wood is typically for making the framework for BBQ islands (usually to support steel panels). This natural material is also suited for building BBQ island countertops. Wood is relatively affordable and easy to work with (provided one takes appropriate measures to prevent it from posing a fire hazard).

Concrete cinder blocks (also called concrete masonry units) and patio stones are some of the least expensive materials for building a grill station. The blocks are durable and fire-proof, making them ideal for BBQ island walls. Patio stones (or tiles) cost slightly more than cinder blocks and are usually for side-panel cladding and countertops.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Outdoor BBQ Island


Design is another critical factor that influences the costs of building a BBQ island the total building costs. The design dictates the overall size and features of the BBQ, so it must be appropriate to your needs, preferences, and budget.

Probably the most crucial design parameters are the type (and number) of features incorporated into the BBQ island. At the most basic and inexpensive level, BBQ islands are free-standing stations with built-in grills and countertops (usually extending at least 36 inches horizontally from the grill).

However, the only limit to the complexity of BBQ island designs is our imagination and budgets! It is possible to elaborate BBQ island designs by integrating numerous additional features, such as:

  • storage space (like shelves, cupboards, or draws),
  • sinks,
  • mini-fridges,
  • lights,
  • extractor fans.

Adding storage space won’t dramatically impact the final building costs.

In contrast, BBQ islands designed with sinks, appliances, and lighting are inevitably more expensive to build. To incorporate these additional design features, one must budget for the costs of purchasing the components and the parts and accessories necessary for their installation.

One must also consider the costs of connecting these extra BBQ island components to utilities like plumbing and electrical power sources. If you lack the technical knowledge and skills to install these features safely, it is advisable to include the costs of hiring professional labor in your budget.

Building An Outdoor BBQ Island: Cost Estimates

The following table provides the approximate cost ranges that might be involved when building a lower to medium-end outdoor BBQ island.

Materials And Other CostsApplicationAverage Price Range
Concrete masonry units (cinder blocks)framework, walls$1.25 – $2.50 each (standard size) $2 – $4 each (large size)
Bricksframework, walls$$8 – $17 per square foot
Wood framingframework$300 per linear foot
Stainless steelcabinets$900 – $2400
Stainless steel sink 
Patio stones (or tiles)counter-tops, side cladding$1 – $50 per square foot
Stucco tilescounter-tops, side cladding$3 – $6 per square foot
Granitecounter-tops$75 – $400 per square foot
Soapstonecounter-tops$60 – $185 per square foot
Plumbing installationwater supply and drainage$300 – $1500
Electrical wiring installationpower supply for appliances, lighting, fans, and other electrical equipment$230 – $250 per electrical outlet
BBQ Island KitA basic kit for easy, quick home assembly.$1500

The prices in the table above are only estimates, but they should provide a rough sense of how much it might cost you to build your outdoor BBQ island.


BBQ islands enrich any outdoor setting that has room to accommodate them. These free-standing, integrated kitchen units make cooking and entertaining efficient and enjoyable. The cost of building an outdoor BBQ island (or grill station) varies considerably, from $150 to $10 000.

Some of the primary factors that determine the costs involved in making a BBQ island are the kinds of materials and the design parameters (especially the number and types of additional features). If you hire the services of professionals, labor costs will also influence the total cost of the building project.







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