How Long Will Stained Concrete Last?

There are many great reasons to stain concrete surfaces indoors and outdoors. From making a room more vibrant to improving energy efficiency, staining concrete has many advantages. However, many homeowners are unsure of how long stained concrete lasts. 

Concrete staining products are permanent and can last a lifetime. Factors like the type of concrete stain that’s used, the application thereof, the condition of the concrete, and how the stained surface is maintained will determine the lifespan of stained concrete.

If you’re wondering about the durability of stained concrete, we’ll break down everything you need to know. Once we’ve looked at the lifespan of stained concrete and the factors affecting this, we’ll look at maintaining and reviving stained concrete surfaces.

How Long Does Stained Concrete Usually Last?

There are many benefits to staining concrete surfaces, from floors to countertops. Firstly, there are many stain colors and effects for consumers to choose from, which can instantly revitalize dull concrete surfaces. However, concrete staining is also a relatively cheap home renovation project to undertake!

With the right product, homeowners can stain concrete by themselves. Staining products can even be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, many homeowners have wondered about the durability of stained concrete. Exactly how long will your stained concrete last? Of course, concrete is a highly durable material with a long lifespan.

When concrete is stained, the stain penetrates the concrete and permanently stains it. This stained concrete can last a lifetime with the correct application and proper maintenance. In fact, there are many benefits to staining concrete, besides the improved appearance of the surfaces.

For instance, staining concrete indoors can increase a space’s insulation, effectively improving your energy efficiency. Stained concrete floors are also lower maintenance compared to those that are not stained, which effectively increases their lifespan.

Concrete stains are also permanent, which means they cannot be removed. Overall, these factors mean that stained concrete lasts for a long time. However, a few factors impact the overall durability of stained concrete.

Factors That Impact The Durability Of Stained Concrete

In this section, we’re going to outline five factors that impact the durability and lifespan of stained concrete!

The Type Of Concrete Stain Used

Today, two main types of staining products are used with concete: acid-based and water-based stains. With acid-based stains, the chemical reaction allows for marbled effects in the final color. With water-based stains, pigment particles are deposited into the concrete’s porous surface for a more uniform appearance.

While both types of stains are permanent, acid-based stains are more durable. Concrete floors that have been stained with acid-based products are less prone to fading, discoloring, peeling, and chipping.

The Condition Of The Concrete

As we mentioned earlier, concrete stains can be applied to indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, they can also be applied to new and old concrete surfaces. Newer concrete is easier to stain as there will be less dust, grime, and debris that has built up.

When concrete surfaces are not properly cleaned before staining, the stain will not penetrate all areas of the concrete. This can negatively impact the final appearance of your stained concrete. This is closely linked to the following aspect regarding the application of staining products.

The Application Of The Concrete Stain

When staining concrete, all instructions must be followed carefully. The manufacturer of your staining product will provide these instructions. This will include cleaning your concrete surface before applying the staining product. To ensure the best results, all instructions should be followed.

The Maintenance Of Stained Concrete

Besides the previous factors, maintenance is another crucial factor to consider. When stained concrete is properly maintained, it will be more durable and last for longer. We’ll look at cleaning and maintaining stained concrete in the following section.

Stained Concrete’s Exposure To The Sun

Concrete is a material commonly used indoors and outdoors. As we mentioned, both indoor and outdoor surfaces can be stained. However, when outdoor surfaces are exposed to sunlight, they will be more prone to fading over time. However, with the proper maintenance, the negative effects can be mitigated. Furthermore, there are ways to revive stained concrete that has faded!

How To Maintain Stained Concrete?

The maintenance of stained concrete can be split into two main sections: regularly cleaning the concrete and protecting the concrete.

Regularly Clean Stained Concrete Surfaces

Stained concrete surfaces should be regularly dusted and damp mopped with water. This will ensure dirt and grime are removed from the surface. For the occasional deep clean, water and a pH-neutral cleaning product can be used on stained surfaces.

Use Sealer Or Wax Products On Stained Concrete

Besides regular cleaning and the occasional deep clean, sealing or wax products can be used to maintain stained surfaces. By using a floor sealer or wax product on your stained concrete surfaces, you can maximize their lifespan. The specific wax or sealant you use will indicate how often it can be reapplied. 

Reviving Stained Concrete That Has Faded

While concrete stains are permanent, they may fade over time. Of course, this is more common when stained surfaces have been exposed to sunlight or have been improperly maintained. However, there are two methods that can be used to revive stained concrete that has faded over time!

Re-staining Concrete

Re-staining concrete is a great way to increase the vibrance of surfaces that have faded. A similar color to the original stain should be used for the best results. The original stain color cannot be removed when re-staining, which is why your choice of color is crucial.

It may be possible to sand the original color away, as stains usually only penetrate the top of concrete. However, if you want a color overhaul, the following method may be better suited to your needs!

Painting Concrete

For a more uniform appearance, stained concrete surfaces can be painted to revive them. There are many concrete surface and flooring paints that can be found at hardware stores. With one of these products, stained concrete can be painted to revive the color. Unlike staining, the paint will achieve an even appearance.


When concrete stains are properly applied and maintained, they can last a lifetime. It can even improve the overall durability of concrete surfaces! However, improper application or maintenance can result in stains fading over time. While the stains may fade, they remain permanent. Due to this, re-staining or painting can be used to revive these surfaces.


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