What is an enclosed balcony

Enclosed Balcony Meaning

Modern buildings and housing structures are changing drastically. This is partly due to modern style and conveniences, but also due to the small sizes of modern homes and the occupants craving more space. This has led many people to create innovative designs for homes, especially small homes, and has led to the invention of the enclosed balcony. However, many people wonder what an enclosed balcony is and what distinguishes it from other types of balconies.

An enclosed balcony is a regular balcony that has been built up and reinforced to be fully enclosed with a roof and enclosed walls or large windows. Enclosed balconies serve as another room or as a room extension and form part of the inside of the building rather than as an outdoor space.

There are several balcony types, and the enclosed balcony is considered a modern invention, as it is only present in modern homes that require extra space, especially smaller apartments that are renovated for the purpose of increasing usable space.

Let’s explore enclosed balconies to discover their advantages and define what separates them from regular balconies.

Enclosed Balcony Meaning

What Is An Enclosed Balcony?

It may come as a surprise to some, but there, in fact, are several different types of modern balconies. Among the most popular in the modern world is the enclosed balcony, as it adds several desirable traits to the modern home.

An enclosed balcony is a balcony that is completely closed off to form another room in the home or building. This structure is made from an existing balcony that is walled and roofed and is often equipped with very large windows. The balcony no longer functions as an outdoor space but is converted into a new room or an extension of a room.

Turning a balcony into an enclosed balcony has several advantages and completely changes the feel and design of a home. This space is called an enclosed balcony rather than another room because it is still considered a balcony according to the structural plan of the building and does not legally increase the floor space of the structure.

However, an enclosed balcony is safe to use as a room or a room extension and does not feel like a balcony, especially if it is well carpeted or tiled, and takes on the feeling of a sunroom or a small space ideal for a home office, space for meditation and relaxation, or the perfect location to convert into a dining room.

An enclosed balcony is typically still separated from the rest of the building with a set of doors, but the doors are usually designed to open completely, allowing large access into the room, which forms an extension of the adjacent room.

Using this door design allows the enclosed balcony to feel like an expansion of floor space but also allows the room to be entirely closed off for increased privacy. These balconies are ideal for modern living and have become very desirable for small homes, especially apartments.

Enclosed Balcony Meaning

How Do Enclosed Balconies Compare To Open Balconies?

Of the balcony types favored for modern homes, enclosed and open balconies are the two most popular and widely used. Comparing these two balcony types is the best way to explore the advantages of enclosed balconies and compare this unique structural feature to something that everyone is familiar with.

Enclosed balconies are very different from regular balconies. These balconies are entirely closed off from the outside with sturdy walls and a roof. An enclosed balcony may be enclosed by actual brick walls, or it may be enclosed with thick glass structures to form a roof and walls, which is an excellent compromise between the outdoor balcony and the enclosed version.

These balconies are very useful because they increase the useable internal floor area of a building, as they are entirely closed off from the elements, which makes the enclosed balcony an ideal room extension that can be used in a myriad of useful ways.

The regular outdoor balcony is a great way to get outside if you do not have a garden, and it can be a way to get some fresh air or circulate fresh air into the home, but it is still an outside space, which makes it far less useful and much less private than an enclosed balcony.

Enclosed balcony functions in many of the same ways as a regular balcony, as it still has fantastic views and provides an escape from the rest of the home, but it can be fully utilized all year round; it has a roof and walls to protect people and things from the elements, and it far more functional.

Enclosed balconies are far superior to open balconies for most situations, especially for small homes and apartments that can benefit from the additional floor space.

Enclosed Balcony Meaning

Are Enclosed Balconies Better Than Other Designs?

Enclosed balconies begin as regular outdoor balconies that are then converted into enclosed versions. Is it worthwhile to enclose a balcony, or is it better for you to leave the balcony open?

The value of an enclosed balcony is determined by the person living in the space. If the balcony is required for outdoor use, then enclosing it will reduce the effectiveness and utility of the space.

However, if the balcony is rarely used due to the weather or other factors, then enclosing it to form another indoor space is well worthwhile.

Enclosed balconies are more private, they are more useful, they can be sued as any other room would be, and they can be used all year round. These balconies are far more versatile; they still have a great view, they are still excellent for entertaining, and they are great for creating a quiet space away from the intensities of life.

However, there is nothing that is quite the same as an outdoor balcony, as there are no walls and no roof to separate you from the outside world, the fresh air, the wind, the sounds of life, and the stars overhead.

If you enjoy outside space, then an open balcony is a better fit for you, but if you would rather have extra space inside, then an enclosed balcony is the better option.


Enclosed balconies are essentially another room. These are no longer real balconies, as they have enclosed walls and a roof and are treated as part of the inside of the building rather than as an outdoor space.

Enclosed balconies can be beautiful, and they can be used in many ways depending on your requirements. These balconies are an asset to small homes and apartments, and they significantly increase the functionality and floor space of the home.


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