Can I Build A Wood Fired Outdoor Oven

Can I Build A Wood Fired Outdoor Oven?

Wood-fired ovens are not hard to make. Why not make your own? Wood-fired ovens are a popular choice because they do not take up a lot of space and they make use of firewood, a renewable energy source that adds delicious flavor to food.

It is possible to build your own DIY Wood Fired oven in your garden, and Clay is the most common material to do so. It requires planning but is not very difficult to complete. Materials include clay, insulation like vermiculite, red bricks and a table top suitable for cooking.

Technological developments in the field have given rise to many types of wood-fired ovens that heat up quickly and make a good option for outdoor cooking where smoke is not an issue.

Can I Build A Wood Fired Outdoor Oven?

The easy-to-construct DIY clay oven utilizes basic principles of the domed oven, used widely by Neolithic cultures thousands of years ago. With all the DIY materials, constructing your oven should not be too much hassle, although it is essential to follow the basic principles.  

The refractory dome has a hole cut into it so that you can heat the oven with a fire inside it. The benefit of this style is that the dome functions like a battery, absorbing heat while the fire is burning.

Once the fire no longer burns, you can utilize the heat for up to 48 hours because the dome’s design means the heat is stored inside the oven. You can also use the heat to dry herbs and fruit once it’s cooled down significantly.

How Do I Build An Outdoor Clay Oven?

Follow these guidelines to build a beautiful outdoor clay oven that heats up quickly and holds heat for up to two days. Your oven will be made of powdered clay and fine sand.

  • Build a table base strong enough to hold the oven. Tables are quick to build and can be made from scrap material. Ensure the table is between 38 and 44 inches high, enabling you to use the oven without bending over to look inside. You must ensure the table is wide enough to support the oven.
  • You will need to add a layer of insulation to keep the heat from radiating from the oven onto the tabletop. A combination of vermiculite and cement and fine sand are popular choices.
  • Add a layer of red bricks to the oven floor. How many you use will depend on the size of your oven.
  • Draw a circle using chalk 36 inches in diameter to determine where the oven will be built.
  • Shape the sand dome using your hands and build up to 10 inches high, taking care not to incline more than 25 degrees.
  • Add a layer of newspaper and spray it with water to prevent sand from sticking to the clay dome.
  • Using your mixture of fireclay and sand, build the dome. Applying the mixture handful by handful, gently build up the dome aiming for a two-inch thickness and four inches at the top.
  • Once you’ve finished forming the dome, cut the oven door, ensuring it’s 10 inches high and 14 inches wide.
  • Once the clay has set and the dome is dry, remove the sand using a hoe.
  • Your oven is now ready to use! Make a fire inside using wood. Light it and enjoy your new creation!

You can check out the video below for someone who has built their own wood fired oven, for pizzas and other foods.

What Other Appliances Should I Have In My Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchen essentials include grills, side burners, and smokers. But what else is handy to have at the ready?

Apart from an oven, having some more luxurious items such as a fridge, beverage center, ice maker, and dishwasher can be beneficial to make cooking and eating outside more convenient.

Outdoor fridges are designed with weatherproof exteriors, electronics, and thicker insulation. They are usually smaller than indoor fridges and make cooking outside easier because you have all your cold items ready.

The beverage center keeps all your drinks accessible and close at hand. These are usually built into the countertops for ease of use.

Can I Build A Wood Fired Outdoor Oven?

If you regularly entertain in your outdoor space, you will use an ice-making machine well. Having fresh ice outside for drinks makes entertaining that much easier and more glamorous. You can buy them as separate appliance units or as an additional feature.

Having a dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen makes hosting outside even more manageable. The more items you have outside, the less you need to move around juggling appliances and groceries. You will need to research an appropriate brand of outdoor dishwasher to cater to your needs and weather conditions.

We have loads more articles on outdoor kitchens and well as outside ovens on the site, and have listed a few for you below to help you decide what oven is best for you and your perfect outdoor space.


If you have the space and time it is possible to build your own Wood Fired oven into your outside space.

It requires a little planning, both in terms of safety and space but is a great addition and point of pride and conversation if you made it your self.

You can also go for a ready made version, which while you can lay claim to the build you can still have all the good times that go along with eating and cooking outside.


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